red tag

read this from the inquirer… and of all the stories… this one gave
me the chills… hope it does the same to you too!!! hehehe…

Red tag

Horror tales from the campuses
By Christian B. Bautista
Inquirer News Service

At the University of Santo Tomas Clinical Division, there is this
story about an intern who was going home one night after a long day at
the hospital. Exhausted, the intern went straight to the elevator and
found that a female patient was already there.

When the doors opened at the first floor, the intern, who was about to
step out, was startled by the sight of a woman gesturing to them to
hold the elevator. He immediately went back inside and closed the
elevator doors. Puzzled, the other passenger asked, “Bakit niyo ho
sinara, eh mukhang sasakay ho siya?”

The intern replied, “Pasyente ko kasi siya kaninang umaga. Patay na
yun. Hindi mo ba nakita yung red tag sa kamay niya? Ibig sabihin ‘non
na-embalsamo na siya.”

His fellow passenger said, “Ano ho? Yung katulad nito?” pointing to a
similar red tag on her wrist.

posted Monday, 3 November 2003

A visitor made this comment,
this was also shared in yesterday’s homily… the churchgoers really
laughed their hearts out… =D

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