Sands of Bantayan Island Cebu

Reminiscing one of the best beaches which is located at the Northern part of Cebu.

Sugar Beach
Bantayan Island, Cebu

I’ve only been to Bantayan once. I remember spending only 1,200 Php inclusive of fare, cottage and food for a 3D 2N package. It was a very good deal because I joined a group of people on their team building when I was still an agent. I remember how thick-faced I was to invite myself to their outing. Come to think of it, I’ve been to a number of places here in Cebu due to these group building activities. It helps because the expenses are divided among many people so you cut down on costs while enjoying the location. This happened in August 2007; back when I was barely legal (hehe).

Bantayan Island is located North of Cebu (around 4 hours – by bus and by barge) Can’t really give much specifics on how to get there as it’s been three years already. Maybe I should start my own backpacking series so I can provide more information on what to expect.

bantayan island
preparing for a photo op

After about 5 hours from Cebu City, I was met with this beautiful landscape. Green trees and white sand. The water did not disappoint either.

bantayan sand
sand in Sugar Beach, Bantayan

The beach was full of dried leaves on the shore due to the rainy season. But still we had fun and I completely enjoyed the days off.

sugar beach
cottages during off-peak season

You will see that there are many cottages that are available for you to use. Bantayan Island can get pretty crowded especially during Holy Week when people would flock this part of Cebu to enjoy the beach.

Sugar Beach is one of the cheaper alternatives when you want to experience the same white sand without much-added costs.

sexy back

I remember taking a lot of photos with colleagues who became my subjects to the instant photo shoot. I didn’t own a camera back then but everybody was willing to lend me theirs just so I can take their pictures. hehe

white and green and a monkey in between. harhar.

The weather was great during the time which was evident due to how burnt my skin was when we got back to the city. The sun was up and high which made the powdery sands Tide-white. Plus we were the only travellers on Sugar Beach which made it a perfect setting to create our own party.

island bantayan

Wasn’t so happy for going back too soon. But then, we still had work the next day. I’ve been planning to get back to this place and I’ll probably arm myself with a tent for cheaper costs. Bantayan, I will be back!

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15 thoughts on “Sands of Bantayan Island Cebu”

  1. I've been there, last 2008, nice place white sand. But didn't enjoyed much coz i got a high fever that time when we were there.
    Have you been to malapascua? it was the worst nightmare we ever had!

    we went there, and all of us haven't slept yet as we were on night shift and the next day we departed from the office early in the moring. We arrived at Malapascua around 12NN. We were so tired and sleepy, when the night comes, we slept early and tada! the next day our money has been taken, bags and other important things was stolen!
    The next morning we suppose to go on island hoping but because of what happened, we no longer have the courage to push through with the activity and we just go home earlier as we expected.
    Camotes was so good as well, i really enjoyed there. Try it!

    • @frox: yeah, been to malapascua. I had good memories of the place though. that’s a bad experience you had. i’ve also been to Camotes too — twice. 😀

  2. Haven't been there, Ed. That's one of my targets for next year. Just this year alone, i went to Cebu four times but i never had the chance to go to Bantayan or Malapascua. Organize one so Gael, Darwin and the rest of the gang can join? 😀

    • @mica: haha, im not good in organizing trips. hehe. but i’ll surely join! hehe. i like the sands of bantayan island. but i loved how peaceful Malapascua was! 😀

  3. Ganito ba talaga kaputi dito? The sand is ridiculously white. Lol. But heck, that's why it's called Sugar Beach. Good captures.

    • @carla: ey sure sure! sana may makagawa. busy busy pa kasi. hehe. but ill join basta weekend 😀
      @louis: depends on the sun. ang init kasi when we were there 😀 but the sand is really fine.

  4. Was lucky enough to have this wonderful island as my playgound all through my life. You see both my parents are from here 😉 We have a house on the beach there. Ano? Tara na mga bloggers!


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