spiderman 2 (finally!)

wrote this last saturday…

got a little wet from the rain outside, losing my head in a 24-hour chowking store. checking the time on my “love ko ‘to” watch; 3:28 AM. removing my damp “finger-lickin’ good” cap. and getting a pen and paper from my “bee happy” pouch, while drowning myself to their infamous halo-halo.

just finished having our general cleaning from 11pm tp 3am and killing the time for i can’t go home yet. the place where we live has a curfew: gates close at 10pm and opens at 5am. it’s a bit uncomfortable here since they’re trying to renovate the store (just my luck). so for the next hour, i have to endure the noise of machines drilling holes on the wall at my back. -grunt- music is a rock-remix of ‘what i am'(i think originally sung by a spice girl).

“I’m not aware of
Too many things
I know what I know
If you know what I mean…”

still in the sate of temporary nirvana after watching spiderman 2 (finally!). and forgive me if i still have some things to say about the movie (even if you’ve already heard or read some of it from another person’s blog)…

love the classic scenes and the background: the old-feeling or the sepia look as to what drei said. the falling leaves (i don’t know what’s up with me liking falling leaves), MJ fleeing from the wedding, and the ‘raindrops keep falling… ” part was nice.
the fight-scenes and the special effects were great!
some funny parts: the elevator scene was really funny!, parker hitting two cars after falling while trying to jump from a building and his “my back…” joke, aunt may struggling to hold on from falling, and i wanted to yell “raise the spider!” inside the train.
also the part when MJ found out about the man behind the mask. it was a beautiful scene, with the fire background and all.
the coffee shop: wish i could be like Parker, knowing what was coming and saving MJ and stuffs. and when MJ was captured by Dr. Ock, didn’t she look like she’s a doll?
hey did it look funny also when MJ and Spidey avioded the rolling metal after the battle? when they swung for safety?
“Choke me in the shallow water
Before I get too deep…”

i don’t really know much about siperman. i’ve never even touched any of its comic books (comic strips, maybe. the ones you see in the philippine star? only i’m a pdi fan so it’s still no use). but i do have some background of it since my brothers and i were regular viewers of its cartoon series. some enemies were the scorpion guy, another goblin (only its orange instead of green), venom, carnage, king pin etc… how far we got was when Peter Parker morphed into a spider (or something like it) literally! and the story’s plot became deeper coz it discussed about another dimension and stuffs which my pathetic-minded head couldn’t absorb due to the simplicity of things back then. so i guess the ending isn’t quite clear to me (in the series). that’s why i’m totally glad that they made a movie of it.

i don’t even think that having spidey powers are that desirable. i mean, all he can do(i though at first) is spin webs and do some acrobatics. but what i can relate to is that spideyman is also a kid, while other superheroes (batman, superman) are people i can’t really reach. they were too… grown-up and perfect and rich and ‘high’. while spidey is a little normal… i also thought Parker wasn’t such as dorky or nerdy as Tobey showed us he could be.

well, i could use some spidey powers everytime i’m too tired to get up from bed. you know, when it seems tiring to use your elbows. i can imagine pointing my wrists to the ceiling and releasing some web, then pulling myself upward so you won’t need to exert that extra push with your back. and that’s just about how i like his powers. i could use some teleportation ability, but that’s another story to post.

anyway, i love the way the “there’s a hero in all of us” (i quote Aunt May) was stressed out in the movie. parts when Aunt May herself, hit Doc Ock’s head with her umbrella, people on the train assisting Spidey, MJ picking up a chunk of wood while also trying to hit Ock but failed, even the part in the building that caught fire, when the Chinese girl tried to help her savior (Parker) from falling.

come to think of it, Spiderman 2’s a sad story. being the “with great power comes great responsibility” and the “am i not supposed to have what i want?” person… but my 50 bucks was really worth it!!!

some Qs:

isn’t Parker’s professor gonna be a villain in the future? i think (repeat, i think) he became the alligator guy since he was trying to develop a medicine so he could grow his arm (since he had only one left),
who’s going to be the water guy-the guy with the power of controlling water and also transforming himself into water- who hated Parker for he loved MJ???, and
didn’t Spidey have a small compartment for him to put some tiny capsules inside his wrist (where the web comes out) since he was also having problems of not having enough web (which was shown in the movie)???
just some things i want to clarify coz i don’t know which is which now…

“What I am is what I am
You what you are or what?
What I am is what I am
You what you are or what?”

rain stopped outside. walls still being drilled. finishing my halo-halo as fast as i can. people staring at me, thinking maybe i’m an undercover reporter of some sort, writing at the break of dawn things in my head. and whoa! shit! just my luck. brain freeze…

posted Monday, 12 July 2004

A visitor made this comment,
i still havent seen spider dude 2. huhu. my friends are too busy and i dont wanna watch alone. about the falling leaves, i love ’em too, reminds me of my old layout.
i wanna watch spider dude. *sigh* the last movie i saw was harry potter 3. huhu.


comment added :: 12th July 2004, 19:05 GMT+08

CNBGirl made this comment,
Answers to your questions:
1. yep, his professor will become an alligator man – dr. sinclair (?) ata.
2. i think this is hydro-man, dunno the real name.
3. in the comic books, peter created web shooters. pero in the movie, ginawa nilang kasama sa side effect ng ng spider-bite. kasi it would seem too much kung super talino pa ni peter.

comment added :: 12th July 2004, 22:43 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
first time here! thanks be to spidey!
re: “my back! my back!” which was really funny, before signing again for spidey 2, tobey really hurt his back while filming Seabiscuit. twas the reason why he backed out of the film initially. so during that scene’s shoot, everone really had a good laugh.;)

cant wait fo the third one!

ed2 [ehcerteza@dsme.co.kr]

comment added :: 13th July 2004, 12:57 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
well well well.. fun huh? anyway, communicate napud mi ni circee, beerfest sila ni angela last night.. anyway, i have this nagging feeling edz, something will happen in dumaguete.. hmmm…

comment added :: 13th July 2004, 13:27 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
spiderman 2 is better than the first. it opened a lot of possibilities for the 3rd spider movie.

comment added :: 14th July 2004, 07:52 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
Haven’t seen Spiderman 2 yet!!! But with the right directors, Marvel superheros have wonderful potentials. You see, that’s the thing about Marvel, they are very much humans as much as they are mutants. They have emotions so they come alive. Unlike some DC heroes who seem too good to be true. So as what all the fans say… “Make mine Marvel!”:-) Have a great week there Ed. Be linking you in ha?

comment added :: 14th July 2004, 15:10 GMT+08

edandhisdarkgreenlife made this comment,
amia: watch it na!!! it’s gonna be great!
cnbgirl: thanks, thank you for the answers!!! galing mo syado ah! penge ng marvel powers! hehe

ed2: hello! thanks for droppin by! ano blog mo??? ed ka rin? 🙂 bout sa ‘my back’ joke, yeah, i know… pero i still hope tobey’s back will still be okay since i can’t think of anyone else to play spiderdude… although Jake Gyllenhaal was the original choice to play spidey becoz of tobey’s prob… but it’d be too weird picturing another person to play him…

niX: yeah, circee told me. but about the feeling, why?

paul:yup, daming points ang nilagay sa movie…

angel: link away!!! have a great week ther too!!! DC comics look too perfect. agree with you!

comment added :: 14th July 2004, 19:40 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
i will na. found someone to watch it with.

comment added :: 14th July 2004, 20:05 GMT+08

ravissant made this comment,
ang ganda ng story, ‘no? muntik na’kong napaiyak sa mga sentimental scenes. i don’t remember the real name of the guy from the elevetor w/ spiderman, but i think he’s hilarious! he does commentary on vh1’s i love the 80’s, 90’s, & i think he says the darndest things on the shows.

comment added :: 24th July 2004, 09:31 GMT+08

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