Travel Blog Projects

Let me turn into a little nerd (if I’m not yet one) and share a blog update just to inform my readers what’s going on with this site. Work has been taking much of my time these days and I figured I’d write something random before I proceed with my travelogue series; I still have a lot of posts to publish in this blog.

Interview Sessions

Inspired by FlipNomad’s ‘Ask The Nomads’ interviews, I’ve been planning to set up my own sessions with fellow travel bloggers. I’m still a bit shy with the medium but let’s see how this will pan soloflightedcelout. This is another venture and I should’ve started this a long time ago but it took me awhile to muster enough confidence to pursue the idea. I’ll post an interview session with a famous travel blogger soon and I hope to receive constructive feedback along the way.

Switching Hosting Providers

I’m looking forward to migrating all my entries to a new blog host to save more money. Maintaining multiple blogs in multiple hosting providers is a tedious task but this is how I started it so I should also learn how to manage everything in one account.


I’m thinking of placing banners to highlight blog posts that deem worthy to be shared. It’s still in the works but I’ll experiment how effective these will be to attract more traffic in each of these articles.

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banners and lots more in the works.

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