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Let me turn into a little nerd (if I’m not yet one) and share a blog update just to inform my readers what’s going on with this site. Work has been taking much of my time these days and I figured I’d write something random before I proceed with my travelogue series; I still have a lot of posts to publish in this blog.

Interview Sessions

Inspired by FlipNomad’s ‘Ask The Nomads’ interviews, I’ve been planning to set up my own sessions with fellow travel bloggers. I’m still a bit shy with the medium but let’s see how this will pan soloflightedcelout. This is another venture and I should’ve started this a long time ago but it took me awhile to muster enough confidence to pursue the idea. I’ll post an interview session with a famous travel blogger soon and I hope to receive constructive feedback along the way.

Switching Hosting Providers

I’m looking forward to migrating all my entries to a new blog host to save more money. Maintaining multiple blogs in multiple hosting providers is a tedious task but this is how I started it so I should also learn how to manage everything in one account.


I’m thinking of placing banners to highlight blog posts that deem worthy to be shared. It’s still in the works but I’ll experiment how effective these will be to attract more traffic in each of these articles.

travel fulltime Dumaguete City Hong Kong Tips bomodok falls sagada Malapascua Island Cebu tips about siem reap
banners and lots more in the works.

Change of Template

I recall the number of hours of tweaking my site in order to change its colors, fonts and overall layout. I also remember how long it took to check CSS and HTML codes to make it look like how it does now. It seems decent in most browsers, but there are a few bugs that I still have to find fixes for.

I’ll definitely switch to another template to streamline its functionality. One thing to prove how I badly need to change themes? I don’t have any Widgets so I manually encode the things I place in my sidebar. But without a doubt, I’ll still keep the black background and green texts; it’s what I’ve always carried ever since I started blogging.

This is how my site looks like when I first bought it. Hopefully, a Thesis theme won’t be too hard to apply in the future; a legitimate one too.

 freedom blue plus template
Freedom Blue Plus Template – not a spain car hire

I’ll also try maximizing efficiency by adding newer links and removing unnecessary ones. Much has been said on how it takes time for this travel blog to load so improving the theme would help a lot. Plus the content, I’ll remove very old blog posts and place them somewhere else to free this site from clutter.


Backlogs, backlogs! I have a number of blog entries that I should be writing about and they’re still stuck in my head. Zambales, Sagada, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Cagayan, Iloilo. I think a lot of travel bloggers have the same issue. In fact, when we’re not blogging, we’re mostly traveling so at least I have something to talk about in upcoming posts. But I’m taking my time as I don’t want to stress myself out, squeezing whatever I have out of writing. The quality diminishes whenever I churn out stories that are too time-bound.

Blog projects are coming my way and I‘ve been procrastinating for the longest time. I’ll finish them one by one but I know that I also have other niches to worry about. One thing’s for sure, it’s nice to get paid; but even if I’m not, I’ll still continue this passion. Any other reward that I receive out of blogging I consider a bonus.

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28 thoughts on “Travel Blog Projects”

  1. Banners look like a good idea. Especially since you take beautiful photos.
    I still have backlogs and the only way I avoid too much of it is to draft all entries while I'm on a trip or after I come home. Also, my notebook keeps track of all the important details.
    Best wishes on your plans 🙂

  2. looking forward to a brandnew soloflighted… im also tweaking my site ed… i even broke the layout yesterday and spent hours fixing it lol… still not yet done… im also implementing some new stuff to encourage more clickthroughs… you're right with the banner, pictures does make it more attractive and navigable…. 

  3. Exciting yan! Goodluck! Banners are in the mainstream nowadays. I've been seeing a lot. Great idea. At backlog kung backlog ka ha. hahah! Nuknukan ng dami.

  4. Kaya mo yan Ed! 😀 I'm excited particularly dun sa interviews that is kung ituloy mo yung original plan na nasabi mo sa akin dati.
    Backlogs? Ouch.
    Please to add Malaysia =))

  5. ive been wanting to do the same thing pero mukhang malabo magkaroon ng bagong template sa gipit ko sa oras.

    pati yung feature sa mga bloggers di ko talaga magawagawa.

  6. Looks like you have some good things coming up for the site.  I think doing interviews is a good idea.  And if you're unsure about how to start, just do it and eventually you'll figure out a good way.

  7. @ihcahieh: ey thanks! 🙂

    @astrid: wow, warms my heart! thanks for the compliment! 😀 I usually just keep my entries in my head but try to find a recurring theme. I also have a notebook but I use it for expenses. I let the photos speak for the memories that happened. Thanks!

    @flipnomad: haha, now I'm pressured! saw your 'Nomads' page, they look better! though I'm still wondering if it's better for SEO.

    @GlobetrekKY: thanks! haha, marami na tayo!

    @vin: thanks vin! write some new entries na! 😀

    @kura: haha, syempre, gala tayo nang gala! haha

    @supertikoy: dami nga, but I'm pressuring myself to finish each one soon. haha. thanks jerome!

    @micamyx: haha, formulate muna ako nga mga tanong para sayo mica! 😀 pero yeah, mamaya pa ang KL posts. 🙁

    @robbie: haha. patulong. I want a thesis theme. 😀

    @dong ho: marami na tayong gipit sa oras! haha. we have so many trips that's why we're pressed with time. hehe

    @steve: thanks steve! yeah, i hope to get good feedback along the way. 

    @chyng: syempre dapat may ganung hirit! haha

  8. Im excited for you ! =) I rmmbr you showed me in Iloilo the CSS churva of  your site so I can understand how hard it is for you to let go of this template, effort sa tweaking kumbaga but sometimes we have to  explore other things, baka mas better ang outcome nya. I trust in your decisions Ed!  Aja! =)  

  9. @AJ: haha lol! loko ah. hahahahaa.

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: thanks gael, you still remembered the CSS churva. hahaa. yeah, 3 years i guess is enough for me to let the template go. But no worries, it'll more or less be the same. I'll try my best to make it look the same. I just need a better navigation. thanks though! I just have to edit the recording before I post the other project. 😀

    @ian: thanks for the feedback Ian! Will have to find those better photos to highlight as banners!

  10. @christian: haha, as if I'm not swamped with my day job responsibilities! hehe. thanks for the feedback! Will create more banners! 😀

    @lakwatsera de primera: thanks claire! saya kasi napalitan mo talaga yung theme mo. matatagalan pa kasi ako. hehe 😀

  11. @Tripper10: thanks! actually, I'll revise it para uniform ang mga fonts. haha. onga. dapat icareer na tong travel blog na toh! hehe

    @cedric: haha. sure thing, let's proceed with our blog developments! thanks ced!

  12. @happy sole: haha, tedious talaga pero ilang years ko na tong pinopostpone, ayun pa rin, wala pa ring naabot kaya ngayon kelangan ko nang pagseryosohin. hehe.

    @cai: thanks cai! daming backlogs talaga! but I'm starting to work on my plans na 😀


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