Rocks at Guisi Beach, Guimaras Island

I’ve developed a relationship with rocks during my short stay in Guisi beach in Guimaras Island. No, I haven’t gone psycho but I was feeling all adventurous when I climbed and felt good when I reached the top.

It was our last day of our five-day trip in Iloilo but we had to check out the beach in Guisi because of recommendations from fellow travel bloggers. We just visited the Guisi Lighthouse and Ruins (more of this on future posts) when we stopped by Kenyama Beach resort.

Kenyama Beach Resort
Guisi, Nueva Valencia
Guimaras Island

guimaras island
Guisi Beach, Guimaras

I have a penchant for doing extreme stuff during my travels so when the opportunity arose to climb some rocks, I immediately grabbed the chance and began climbing.

guimaras islands
man on top

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