Rocks at Guisi Beach, Guimaras Island

I’ve developed a relationship with rocks during my short stay in Guisi beach in Guimaras Island. No, I haven’t gone psycho but I was feeling all adventurous when I climbed and felt good when I reached the top.

It was our last day of our five-day trip in Iloilo but we had to check out the beach in Guisi because of recommendations from fellow travel bloggers. We just visited the Guisi Lighthouse and Ruins (more of this on future posts) when we stopped by Kenyama Beach resort.

Kenyama Beach Resort
Guisi, Nueva Valencia
Guimaras Island

guimaras island
Guisi Beach, Guimaras

I have a penchant for doing extreme stuff during my travels so when the opportunity arose to climb some rocks, I immediately grabbed the chance and began climbing.

guimaras islands
man on top

Trekking to the Kenyama beach resort, we were presented with a great view of the water below. Sweating profusely from previous activities, not to mention the sun being high up, I couldn’t wait to take a dip in the water.

guisi beach

We walked a few more steps down and I was more than ready to swim. Laying our things, I stared at the view, took my shirt off and jumped.

guisi rocks
sunny, just the way this beach bum likes it

Was so glad that the weather cooperated. It gave us more time to chill and enjoy the moment. Being a beach bum, I crave for times like these when I’m one with the water.

guimaras water
that’ not a human stool

My friend started walking towards the rocks and I followed suit. The rocks were not really as big as the ones in the Caramoan peninsula, but they held their own charm.

coconut guimaras sands guisi
The coconut-nut with the giant rocks (altogether now)

Not contented with just enjoying the sun and the water, I started climbing one of the rocks without my slippers on. It was probably dangerous but it wasn’t as hard; or so I thought at first.

guisi beach guimaras
barefoot bigfoot

Upon reaching the top of the smaller rocks, I proceeded to climbing the bigger ones. I noticed that my steps were getting slower and the rocks had become sharper. I couldn’t move. I knew I had thick calluses but the sharpness penetrated my skin and it hurt; a lot!

I couldn’t picture my face out as I was yelling in pain. A few curses flew and I kept on shouting at my friends to throw me a pair of slippers – only problem was they couldn’t hear me. I realized that we were already far from each other and the rocks and the wind were covering my voice.

rock climb in guisiIt’s the climb, sheesh, Miley.

I was cringing in pain as my legs were trembling. One false move, I would be all scratches and I’d definitely be bleeding. I took a breather first and then descended as I couldn’t take it anymore.

I rested my feet for awhile and feeling determined, I went at it again – this time with foot gear. It was easy from then onwards.

climbing guisi
almost there

When I finally reached the top, I breathed a sigh of relief. I admired the view and relished the moment; it was a day before I had to be back at the office.

I wanted to jump into the water below but I didn’t know if it was deep enough. I postponed the thought as I feared of any accident I might cause.

Warning: don’t try this!

I made it to the top but then it was strange knowing that I was there alone. It isn’t as fun when you’re all by yourself. So I headed back to where my friends were.

kenyama beach resort swim guisi beach
view of Guisi Beach at Kenyama Beach Resort

After the climb came the jump shots. It was fun despite how short the water was from where we were standing. At least we knew it was safer.

Three travel bloggers out on their own, this side of Guimaras was conquered!

jump guimaras,,

We planned on dropping by only for a couple of hours, but it turned out that this was where we spent our remaining time before our trip back to Cebu. I wanted to stay some more but we had to freshen up and leave.

nueva valenciawho could resist the water?

It was pure torture. Those big rocks in Guisi, they hurt me so bad; yet I love them. Masochistic am I? Not really, they taught me a valuable lesson (of all places) – reaching the top isn’t as fulfilling when you’re all alone.

Kenyama Beach Resort Entrance Fee: 20 Php
Kuya Jun (tricycle driver guide) Contact Number: 09291406331 and 09433327169

Here’s a photo of me holding my camera and trying to avoid the water. The things I do to take those elusive shots. Good thing the water was calm.

guisi rock
dead man walking

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27 thoughts on “Rocks at Guisi Beach, Guimaras Island”

  1. A few curses flew out and I kept on shouting at my friends to throw me a pair of slippers – only problem was they couldn’t hear me. – > this made me LOL haha. Bilib tlaga ako pagdating sa adventurous stuff. I think i can do the climbing thingy too, but i wouldn't dare to jump dahil hindi ako marunong lumangoy :))
    your narration about climbing the big rocks reminded me of the Rock Formations sa Bolinao. Barefoot din ako umakyat tapos biglang shet ang sakit pala haha pero tuloy-tuloy pa rin.
    Love the last realization. Applicable sa real life. The owner of this blog might look crazy in his pics, but he's a man with sense. Choz 😛

  2. Woahhhhhhhh. That looks scary. Climbing those huge rocks.
    Wish I could travel as much as you travel bloggers but there's not enough time and money for me. Ang sarap i-explore ng blog mo! 7-8 years worth of travelling??!?

    • @mica: haha. choz talaga? hehehe. thanks mica. we could’ve gone together dito but there were time constraints. tayo eh, naghahanap ng adventure. speaking of adventure, good luck on your trip! post ka ng maraming pics! 😀
      @gael: haha. kid at heart talaga. ok lang, at least we keep things light. haha. yeah, the things we do para makakuha ng magandang pic. hehe
      @robbie: kaya mo yan rob! i had the same thoughts to myself that i couldn’t travel as much. Isa lang ang sagot nyan, Piso Fare. hehe. actually, this was a personal blog na nagevolve into a travel blog. i started posting my travel posts mga 2 years ago siguro. don’t explore the archive, puro emo stuff yun. hehe. thanks!

    • @bridge: indeed it was! there are a lot more places that one can visit in this island. thanks for dropping by! 😀
      @pinoy adventurista: wow talaga! 😀

  3. Natawa ako dun sa climbing rock pics mo, parang ang tagal mong umakyat tapos in the end ang goal lang pala is Jump shot pic hahaha!!!
    Sandali lang kami ni Mica dito sa Guisi beach, dinaanan lang namin aw. Sana nakaakyat din pala ako ng rocksss woot woot!

    • @ada: haha, onga. end goal is tatalon lang. you should’ve checked them out. we never got to island hop kasi nasold out na kami sa Guisi Beach rocks. hehe

  4. i do love the jumps but i dont think i can do it! need swimming lessons first. lol. i've always wanted to go to guimaras. will include this for next year…i hope! 😉

  5. My friends and I are going there next year. Oh my! I want to climb that rock! I'm so looking forward to it! Thanks for the helpful info.

  6. great series Ed, i'll be going to guimaras this weekend pero im not ready! good thing i read yours.
     i just wanna see clear waters, cliffs, and caves. is your guimaras IT doable in just a day?
    msg kita sa FB para mas mabilis! =)

  7. What a lovely place ♥_ 
    Btw, I'll be in Bacolod from Nov. 22-25, and I've been thinking of going to Guisi Beach. Kung hindi kaya ng day trip, safe ba mag camp overnight  dito?

    • @Emi: Hi, is it Bacolod? It’s a resort. ok naman magcamp but there’s an extra fee ata. btw, from Bacolod, pupunta ka ng Iloilo then Guimaras, tama? yeah. ok naman thanks for dropping by! 😀

  8. Hello Ed! Ang cool ng adventures nyo ha! Grabe, parang scary yung jumpshots. how did you do that? considering na ang sharp nung rocks. yikes. hehe. I'll be visiting Guimaras in January and I found your blog while researching.

    • @tripadora: hi izah! yung jump shot, ok naman sya. may part na flat yung rocks. 😀 and nagtsinelas din kami. hehe. wow, saya ng Guimaras! check mo rin yung posts ni doi. magaling pagkasulat! 😀

  9. Love the phrase: "they hurt me so bad yet I love them"..that's the irony of life even if we don’t like it we still want to Lorve to read your Blogs Ameygo..gka inspire ko..pero i need to prioritize my studies first..Once I graduate I promise to my self na mag travel jud ko as much as I can..Im studying while working now..And it really consumes my time..haizt..but ofcourse, sometimes mka laag sad ko ui pero di every month like sauna..lisod2x lang because of my hectic sched..samot nong graveyard shift pa ko..


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