Chasing the Sun

I recently realized how a lot of people go to other countries for a holiday because they can’t experience summer in their place at the time. Just like two weeks ago, I saw so many tourists in Bali, Indonesia. I was also there to lounge at the beach and just relax; a couple of times I went to the waves to practice surfing.

How we wish that we can just control the sun. But since we can’t, we can chase it wherever it is high up; that is if money’s no big issue.

dreamland bali
Dreamland Beach in Bali, Indonesia

In my case, I don’t normally take the weather into great consideration whenever I travel. I usually just book a flight and and deal with it as I arrive at my destination. I’m a little lucky because most of the time, the weather is on my side. *knocking on wood*

magpupungko beach siargao
Magpupungko Beach, Siargao

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