Sunset at Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia

Just wanted to post this quick update. I’m currently in Bali, Indonesia and I’m enjoying the sun and the waves of Kuta Beach.

Sunset at Kuta Beach
Bali, Indonesia

bali indonesia
there’s always time to pause for a sunset

The taxi took us to our hotel in Bali and I got so excited when we passed by this side of the island. It’s been awhile since I last buried my feet in the sand so this was such a welcome treat.

bali kuta beach
Bali, Indonesia

Upon hitting the beach, I saw so many people who went to this part of Indonesia to get a tan or learn to surf. Some were jogging and some were people-staring. hehe

kuta beach surf
surfer’s beach

It was getting dark around 6pm and I took a few more photos of the place. It became better when it hit low tide because of the vast sandscape.

bali sand
shoreline during low tide

But the best part was the sunset. I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures as I had to relearn the settings of my camera.

sunset bali indonesia
there’s a lot room for everyone

I haven’t taken my Nikon D80 out for awhile. Oh well, I still have the rest of the days to practice shooting. I hope the weather stays the same.

kuta bali beach bali beach
I wasn’t the only one excited to see the sun.

I stayed for a month in the urban city of Bangkok, Thailand and also spent a month in the laidback town of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Although I’ll be here only for a week, my plan is just to eat and sleep; probably go on day tour of the temples and see how Balinese live.

kuta waves bali
waves of Bali

Unlike the previous countries where I worked most of the time, I’m taking these seven days as a vacation where I won’t be doing a lot of online tasks. I just want to place a mat on the sand, watch people enjoy the beach and hear the waters crash the shore. This is going to be a great trip!

surfer in kuta beach
surfer going home

In a few days, I’ll be riding the waves (hopefully) and check if I can really surf without an instructor. hehe


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10 thoughts on “Sunset at Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia”

  1. wow o wow !!! Beautiful Sunset! I’ll be there this Oct. I’m sooooooo exzoyted!! Thanks For The Info! More Travel and Ingatz :))

  2. When I was still in college, I used to dream of Bali and the topless Balinese girls. Ngayon siguro lalaki na lang ang topless duon LOL. Hindi bale, the sunset is still beautiful and the beach inviting. Enjoy!

  3. @brandie: yep, hope to blog about Bali even more. 

    @killerfillers: daan kayo ng Bali! 🙂

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: ey gael! thanks thanks! daan ka na ng Bali! 🙂

    @bertN: don't forget the surfing! I got wiped out by a huge wave I couldn't handle (feeling pro kasi) and almost drowned. but loved the feeling. would like to try surfing again!

  4. @nathalie: thanks nat! really having a great time diri! I see you visited Yogyakarta already? diri lang sa mi. 🙂

    @Sky: thanks! balik lang oi, duol lang ni from KL! 🙂


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