Ice Cream

6pm. 'Twas raining when I was going home from work. I wore a hooded sweater to cover myself form the weather (ha! It rhymed.) I was walking near the Fuente circle when I saw 2 women selling ice cream at 5 pesos per scoop to promote the flavors of the month for the upcoming holidays. … Read more

childish thoughts

i observed two kids(probably 6 or 7 years old) quarreling over a pieceof bubblegum which their mom gave with different colors… the firstone asked for a blue and green… what’s left was yellow and orange(i’m talkin about the wrappers okay?) anyways… the 2nd one alsowanted the blue one… “pareho ra ma nag lami!” (they have … Read more

what’s your new name?

copied it from a friend at friendster (aba nagpe-prenster na pala ‘kongayon!)…. and my new name’s buttercup chickenhiney… i don’t getit? what’s yours??? try it!!! This only takes a minute and it’s fun. Please> don’t be> a bore and ruin it.> Send it to everyone you know including the> person that> sent it to you.>> … Read more