applying for another NSO birth certificate for SSS

I went to the ecensus website again to apply for another NSO certified copy of my birth certificate. The reason why I’m applying again for another one (since the first NSO birth certificate I had was used for my passport) is to apply for a loan in SSS. Because when I logged in to the … Read more

I got my NSO Birth Certificate

I was told by a colleague that he had my birth certificate, the one I applied for last week. I didn’t know what to expect but I’m happy that I got it sooner than I thought. I just applied in the eCensus website at the comfort of our office and paid the 300 peso amount … Read more


I dropped by the eCensus website so I can apply for an NSO-certified birth certificate. I followed the steps, went to the nearest Banco de Oro bank and paid the fee (300 pesos), and I’m waiting this week to get it. By then, I’ll be a step closer to getting a passport. I don’t know … Read more