I got my NSO Birth Certificate

I was told by a colleague that he had my birth certificate, the one I applied for last week. I didn’t know what to expect but I’m happy that I got it sooner than I thought. I just applied in the eCensus website at the comfort of our office and paid the 300 peso amount (for one copy) at the nearest Equitable PCI Bank (now it’s acquired by BDO), and waited for a week. I now finally got my NSO birth certificate.

I don’t really know what to say but this is it? hehe. Really, I’m glad though because I’m able to work on it. I really don’t like working on government documents cause it’s such a hassle. I guess no one likes it either cause you can only imagine how many people would line up just to be given a piece of paper. But it’s what everyone has to endure to be considered a citizen. I really don’t want to talk about this so I’m going to stop. hehe. I don’t even want to think about the tax I contribute every pay day and see it get wasted into some urban project in some distant region I don’t want to mention.

So going back, I’m just a few more steps to getting a passport. Now I wonder when I’ll be able to process one. More work on a weekday.

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300 bucks for a piece of paper

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8 thoughts on “I got my NSO Birth Certificate”

  1. Good for you. The online process is good if you dont need to rush. I got my birth certificate last week, and believe me, I went through hell to get it. Grabeh. Its good to plan ahead jud.

  2. Congratulations! Hehe! You better allot one whole day to get your passport. I took a leave from work when I applied for mine. Not to mention I went to DFA really early (before opening time). Kapoy pero worth it ra pud in the end. =)

  3. Nix: Haha, so I’ve read your post, Nuke, or should I say Nicolle? hehe peace.

    Lourie: Thanks for the tip! I’ll find some time to squeeze that in, somehow.

  4. Yeah it’s really great for our government to have online service now a days. I am also helping out anyone who needs NSO because I had a bad experience with it before. Right now, NSO is just renting above us hehe so easy to get, no hassle, but it’s really good there’s online service already…

  5. better process your passport coz the NSO Birth Certificate expires too, you know? Oh…wait a minute! Did I ever mention to you that you need to keep your NSO receipt? That’s the one that was sent together with your NSO Birth Certificate. That’s also a requirement to get a passport, to prove that your NSO certificate is not fake.


  6. paseojen: wow, i don’t like government paperwork at all. hehethanks for dropping by! I hope I can get a passport. I’m still wondering if I’ll hire an agency or just line up like any other citizen.

    doi: thanks for the tip doi!. NSO is good; hopefully, getting a passport will be better.

  7. Well, you don’t have to think you are paying 300 pesos for just the paper. It actually just costs 150 pesos if you apply for the certificate in NSO in person, but adding your transportation expenses and food (if you will buy), all expenses round as much as 300 pesos to 350 pesos (depending on location). So I say, 300 php for eCensus payment isn’t that bad after all. At least you have saved time.

    But 150 pesos for a piece of paper (if you are applying in person) with thousand lining up for everyday? Hmm… why oh why?

  8. reah: yeah, i’m not really thinking about the amount that much. since i know it’s not worth it if i apply in person given the time-consuming process which can be used for more beneficial activities such as sleep. It’s definitely not bad.

    thanks for dropping by.


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