On Couch Surfing and a Thousand Facebook Likes


I have a couch surfing account and it’s been with me for over a year. I seldom log in because of having less opportunities to use it. To those who are new to the term, couch surfing is an online community that gathers members/travelers from around the globe to share a space or time for other members. You get to interact with fellow travellers or to people who want to socialize and rent or lend a spare room in another country even when you haven’t met the person face to face.

airport sleeping at Suvarnabhumi airport Thailand
couchsurfing can beat sleeping at the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok

This is a free membership site and you can search for a space to stay for a night when you’ll be dropping by a particular place in one of your travels. If you already have a place to stay, you can just spend time with another couch surfer for coffee or to tour you around.

couchsurfing.org site

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