On Couch Surfing and a Thousand Facebook Likes

I have a couch surfing account and it’s been with me for over a year. I seldom log in because of having less opportunities to use it. To those who are new to the term, couch surfing is an online community that gathers members/travelers from around the globe to share a space or time for other members. You get to interact with fellow travellers or to people who want to socialize and rent or lend a spare room in another country even when you haven’t met the person face to face.

airport sleeping at Suvarnabhumi airport Thailand
couchsurfing can beat sleeping at the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok

This is a free membership site and you can search for a space to stay for a night when you’ll be dropping by a particular place in one of your travels. If you already have a place to stay, you can just spend time with another couch surfer for coffee or to tour you around.

couchsurfing.org site

You can rent a ‘couch’ when you drop by a member’s destination. The couch can range from a small ‘bed space’ or literally a couch of the other member. There are also those designer couches that make you want to stay longer. Like I said, I haven’t been able to use my couch surfing account but I know it is a very popular way of travelling.

Or you can look for people who may want to meet up for ‘coffee’ which can be a tour around the area or just a meet-up for conversations. This is great for budget travelers and also for those who want to socialize with other people around the globe.

It may sound too good to be true but like any other social network site, there are pros and cons. You can simply search for information online on instances where things didn’t turn out well for these couch surfers. Surely, you just have to be careful and responsible enough to research ahead of time and carefully choose the people you will meeting up. There are testimonials and ratings that show just that. I’ll probably be using this account soon. I’ll be embarking on a small trip that I’m planning for by the first quarter of next year.

1000 Facebook Likes

On another note, let me just say that soloflightEd.com has reached a thousand Likes on Facebook! Although I must admit that I somewhat forced the first 50 or so friends to Like my page on the networking site. Other than that, it slowly reached to this number of people and I am grateful.

I sometimes get questions from readers about their planned itineraries and I try my best to provide useful information but sometimes I have difficulty answering some questions. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the chance to help out as well as inspire others to travel.


This is just a momentous occasion for me that I’d like to share to thank those who have taken the time to press that simple button on my site. I appreciate the effort and this makes me strive harder to provide more valuable content on this travel blog.

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21 thoughts on “On Couch Surfing and a Thousand Facebook Likes”

  1. naks naman!  fans club na lang ang kulang ed. hahah! Wag ka ng magulat na paglabas mo ng bahay mo may mga banner na ng "SOLID Fans of SOLOFLIGHTED!" lol! congrats. you deserve it.
    About couch surfing.. I would think twice. heheh! Siguro magbabaon na lang ako ng pepper spray lagi. hihihi! Better be safe than sorry. Yung solo trip ko lang na-praning na parents ko e. lalo na siguro tong couch surfing.

  2. Congrats! I feel lucky to be one of your 1,000 followers. You make it easy for us to stalk you. Lingon ka cuz I'm behind you. Hahahahaha! Anyway, please like my FB page too, para mo nang awa.
    As for couch surfing, I could've done this when I was younger. Mas cowboy pa ako nun. When I was in China 10 yrs ago, sa stockroom ako nakatira for about 1 year!
    Now that I'm old, I need my little comforts, such as an actual bed, not a bed space, with my own bathroom. I'm too maarte now to couch surf. Maybe the kwoffy meet-ups would work for me. 🙂

  3. congrats! meron akong CS account pero di ako active but because most PTB members are CS members as well parang gusto ko na sya i activate ulit but don't know where or how to start…

  4. @kura: waaa. nakakatakot pag may ganun. lol. ok lang yan, nakapagsolo ka na kasi sa Palawan eh… hehe. 😀

    @AJ: wow, ikaw pa ang lucky AJ? lol. tapos ko nang naLike yung page mo (tagal na nga. hehe). haha. onga naman. baka in the future rin I will find comfortable places to sleep na rin. pero habang bata pa… hehe.

    @robbie: kuya talaga, lol thanks rob! 😀

    @supertikoy: haha, log on ka na sa CS na website jerome! lol. maybe pag solo travel o yung mamahalin yung hostels nang destinations, dun tayo mafoforce na mag Couch surf! haha

  5. hi ed! ito ang unang entry mo na nabasa ko. hehe may word kasi na couch surfing (won't be the last). anyways, ayan! ptb/cs rin ako pero unlike you guys, it's in cs where im active. pag may meet up na lang sa ptb, madalas, yun ang napag uusapan namin (aside sa travel talaga or making blog, mas pala travel kasi talaga ko). mukhang naeengganyo na sila jerome 🙂 yung davao trip kasi mixed cs/ptb, pinaghalo na hehehe
    uhmm.. kaka like ko pa lang. 😀

  6. @catherine: ey cath! thanks for dropping by! hope to mingle with CS members in the future. nauna kasi sa'kin ang PTB, hehe. I appreciate the Like! 😀

    @eileen: naks, wow. tamang-tama i have an upcoming trip. haha. joke. thanks eileen! 😀

    @aleah: haha, yep but I'm not active sa CS. 😀

    @steve: thanks for your comments and for the Like, Steve!

    @pinoy boy journals: salamat jerik!

    @hoobert the awesome: thanks a lot! other people have reached more than I but let's celebrate even the small achievements! 😀


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