dumaguete blues

I'm really lucky to experience a number of food trips here in Dumaguete City; most, if not all are free! There's a feeling of contentment and satisfaction that one can appreciate especially when somebody's paying for the meal. Heck, I don't feel guilty at all with all the hanging out. I will definitely create a … Read more

dumaguete: a walk in the park

I’ll be here in Dumaguete until Sunday. The place is just one small bubble for me, walking on a busy Wednesday full of people. I’ve been enjoying a number of things, well mostly food: Kamalig Restaurant, Boston Cafe, City Burger, Why Not, Paradiso, Harold’s, Hayahay. So many dishes, all are great; nothing beats free meals! … Read more

records, good time, ultimate insanity and red marks

so i went back to dumaguete, but this time, it’s all business and slight pleasure and tons of pressure. going back to pay some visits and more importantly, to settle some accounts there. ironically, only mine was left on-hold. anyway, trip was hell uncomfortable! left at around 10:30 pm and was only able to buy … Read more