Ormoc, Leyte: Remembering the Tragedy 20 Years Ago

Ormoc, Leyte. I arrive and I find peace.
Yet peace belies a story that refuses to settle.

leyte ormoc

I listen as I walk in the dead of night.
Sounds that unravel a mystery but ignorance plagues my mind.

leyte ormoc night

I hear silence that echoes thousands of cries.
Cries that were never heard, of souls that remain unfound.

leyte holy week

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Long Vacation Doing Nothing

I easily get tired nowadays. I lost the discipline I once had especially when just waking up early in the morning when the alarm goes off. Just bringing myself to get up proves itself to be a daunting task which makes me all the Much more when I’m working. I tend to think too much … Read more

back to work

The holy week was okay. Funny thing because what I wrote during one of my exams in Religion last semester came true. I was asked what type of ‘sacrifice’ I’d do for the upcoming Lenten season. I answered that I would just stay at home and not go out of town even if I initially … Read more

leyte: day 4

Day 4: Going home to Cebu March 23, 2008 Easter Sunday Last day of our trip, 'twas time for us to go home. Just took pictures of anything I that would catch my attention on the ride back. When we got back to Ormoc, we just spent the afternoon having pizza and taking pictures of … Read more

leyte: day 3

Third day Black Saturday We traveled to Naval in Biliran, where we hopped to Dalutan Island. We stayed in VRC Resort in Agta, Biliran where there were videoke, photoshoot, pool and drinking sessions in between; not to mention scaring ourselves with ghost stories. toinks. The good thing when we got to the island is we … Read more

leyte: day 2

March 22, 2008 Good Friday We were supposed to go to our main destination today, but it was postponed. So we spent it at the city proper instead (Ormoc). We watched reruns of 7th Heaven on Studio 23 in the pension house, probably a sign of boredome? hehe. At night we went strolling, walking and … Read more

leyte: day 1

Day 1 @ Leyte : Sabin Hotel Resort Maundy Thursday March 20-23, 2008 This is my first Holy Week to be away from home. While my brother is enjoying his time in Camiguin, Cagayan & Bukidnon, I spent mine in Leyte & Biliran with his colleagues. It was a bit awkward at first, since I … Read more


I don't know what will happen later. For sure, I'll be joining other people I barely know for 4 days, I don't know what to expect. Well, ed; it's time to practice your social skills. Prove that you can carry a conversation, an intelligent one at that. Nah, I'm not that good of a conversationalist; … Read more

Biliran it is.

So I said yes already, I’ll be heading off to Biliran, somewhere in Leyte this holy week. I don’t know what to expect but for sure, there’ll be tons of pictures. I’ll be joining people I barely even know, so it’s a great opportunity for me to meet some new personalities, actually I know some … Read more

holy week decision

I'm a bit confused on where to go to this Holy Week. Somewhere in Leyte (forgot the name of the place) –> according to a friend, it's a must go-to place since the water is  pristine –> I don't even quite understand how to define pristine but it sounds really good knowing that she can … Read more