got my hp laptop back!

and I finally have an XP Professional installed in it! I had the IT guys work on it since I’m really not that technically resourceful in looking for drivers and hotfixes to solve the problem. Plus I don’t have that much time or patience to really go through with the process of installing by downgrading … Read more

laptop issues

I need to get my laptop fixed. It has a horizontal line that's flickering at the bottom of the screen and it's pretty irritating considering that I have to have it checked when it's still new. Sigh. I'll be saying goodbye to it for a week and I don't like it. I also want to … Read more

It’s March

20 more days before classes is about to end! I’m quite pooped already. Thoughts are fight over in my mind which makes me wonder if I’ll keep up or not. I can keep up when I’m thrown into the pit, it’s the act of getting into the pit that bothers me. My mind is crowded … Read more