got my hp laptop back!

and I finally have an XP Professional installed in it! I had the IT guys work on it since I’m really not that technically resourceful in looking for drivers and hotfixes to solve the problem. Plus I don’t have that much time or patience to really go through with the process of installing by downgrading from a Vista to an XP. Also, those people at the hp service center in SM Cebu weren’t really helpful. I don’t even want to visit the place anymore because of the horrible customer service that I received.

Might wonder why I went with an XP instead of having to get the latest version which is Windows 7? Obviously since the latter is on the beta period and I don’t want to start messing on a new system especially when the machine is a laptop wherein parts are costly and usually goes kaput whenever the whole thing crashes. I don’t want to bother, so long as I’m done with the Vista sluggishness.

I’ll have to work on it and check if bugs are present but I’m pretty much confident that I won’t have any problem. In return, I treated them out to a bucket meal from KFC here in IT Park, the first time I ever bought a bucket meal. haha. It’s the least I could do too, considering the fees that come with having to go through tech support for software.

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