Pandanon Island again

So as I've said, we went to Pandanon island as the weather was good. It was a great day to spend time at the beach! At least this outing isn't that expensive cause we just had to contribute a small amount because we were sponsored by our department. We were supposed to reserve a boat … Read more

Pandanon & Camotes Islands

Since the weather was good, our outing pushed through. We went to Pandanon Island last Saturday, and also joined another outing to Camotes from Sunday-Monday. Right now, I’m just dead-tired since it’s back to a 5-day workweek. Sheesh. I still have to upload the pictures. Good luck to me then.

because of the weather

It’s weird what’s going on with the weather today, it’s summer but there are a lot of instances where it rains. Last December, the wind wasn’t as cold as you’d want it to be. Are these the effects of global warming, the sudden change in our climate? There was even a strange text that Cebu … Read more

Pandanon Island

So it is decided, we’re going to Pandanon island this Saturday. It’s a part of supposed department outing. Well, it’s the beach again so I don’t have anything to complain about. hehe.