Back in Bali for 7 Days

poppies kuta beach

Either it was Morocco or somewhere in Asia. My wife and I were wondering where we would spend 7 days of our free travel time. We would be able to get affordable flight prices whichever. Since it’s peak of winter time in the Middle East, we opted to go somewhere warm. Asia seemed to be a … Read more

Sinulog 2010 was a blast!

Sinulog 2010 Every Third Sunday of January Sinulog 2010 was an endurance test for me. It was my first time to participate in the Sinulog event – really participate by going out into the streets and practice my skills in taking pictures while experiencing the weather being crazy and all. It seemed clear in the … Read more

no class again

Pfffttt… 4:10pm I woke up one afternoon in order to get ready for class at 4:30. We were going to have an exam that’s why I hurriedly took a bath and wore some clothes and went out of the house. It was already 4:20pm and I even hired a taxi just so I could get there fast. … Read more


I've been meaning to update this now that the party I attended is over. It was a night of fun and booze. It's been a looong time since I last got drunk so it's nice to be able to hang loose and get wasted. Unfortunately, I had classes the next day, I also had an … Read more


Christmasquerade December 16, 2007 We just had our company Christmas party and the theme was a masquerade ball. We held it at the Waterfront hotel. A lot of people were really, according to the words of our site director, "HOT". Since most made the effort to prepare and dress up. A lot of people were … Read more


Since it's still the month of December, one of the events that one would normally look forward to would be the Christmas party. Something about the cold air and the joy of gift-giving, even if forced, is still a moment we happily expect once in a while. I attended about 5 Christmas parties which is … Read more