Back in Bali for 7 Days

Either it was Morocco or somewhere in Asia. My wife and I were wondering where we would spend 7 days of our free travel time. We would be able to get affordable flight prices whichever. Since it’s peak of winter time in the Middle East, we opted to go somewhere warm. Asia seemed to be a good option since we didn’t need to apply for travel visas because of our Philippine passports.

After a 15 minute discussion (yes that’s how fast our conversation went),  we decided to go back to Bali, Indonesia.

What did we do in the seven days? We slept during the day, ate good and cheap food, dropped by the beachside mall and shopped, drank beer, partied at night and had relaxing massages. Slow-paced and lazy travel, we didn’t even go to Ubud as we were already satisfied with lounging at Kuta beach.

It was cloudy the whole week. There were no sunsets but we still had a good time. Budget-wise, it helped that the value of our United Arab Emirates Dirhams were bigger when converting to Indonesian Rupiahs so we didn’t have to limit our spending unlike before. 🙂

Our Bali Trip in Photos

Our first time on this island (4 years ago), we also spent 7 days and all days were spent in Kuta Beach. This time wasn’t any different as we still were just in the same area the whole week. Here’s our trip in photos. Pardon the arrangement as I didn’t bother categorizing them (lazy blogger here).

clouds plane dubai to bali

Dubai to Bali via Emirates airlines – almost a 10-hour flight

bali airport

Bali airport – plenty of renovations since the last time we were here (4 years ago)

pork satay bali

Pork Satay!

coconut juice and cola in kuta beach

Coconut on the beach!

beach kuta bali

Lazy beach day

poppies kuta beach

alley in Kuta area

sidoi restaurant bali indonesia

pizza and beer at Sidoi restaurant

kuta beach massage

relaxing and cheap massage. In Dubai, a one hour massage cost at least cost 50 USD. In Bali, you con get one for 5 USD!

waves kuta beach


mie goreng bali

Mie Goreng

bali indonesia surf

not so sunny

kuta beach bali

surfing in Kuta. I got wiped out when I tried to learn before

kura beach indonesia

Still a crowded beach

beachwalk mall bali

Beachwalk mall – we’d always drop by here to check out stuff

bali skygarden

party crowd in Skygarden

bali night life

Night life in Bali

nasi goreng

Nasi Goreng in a family food stall

the pad bar and grill bali

pork chop at The Pad Bar and Grill

vi ai pi bali

Vi Ai Pi – Bali

skygarden bali

Skygarden Club

skygarden party

night party at Skygarden Will Sparks (DJ)

I noticed how warm and humid the weather was even at night time that we realized we packed too many thick clothes during this trip. After staying in Dubai for quite some time, I got reacquainted with the temperature in Asia and why people wear lesser clothes here.

We still plan on visiting Morocco or other places in the Middle East. Maybe when it’s not that winter cold anymore.

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2 thoughts on “Back in Bali for 7 Days”

  1. So, that’s why! We were actually waiting for Morocco updates and wondering why you guys never posted one. Anyway, seems like you had a great time! We want a lazy vacation too!

    • lol. yeah, we were thinking if we go to Morocco, we would be freezing compared to going to Bali. even if it rained in some days, we would still be sweating! hehe.

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