night diff

—-nmCause it’s all just the same at the end of the day We’re throwing it all away what’s up? –> i should be the one telling you that. whatever actually happened to me? i wasn’t able to taste the web for a while. it came to a point where i could no longer go and … Read more

in a rut

Here I am stuck in a rut again Just me, a blanket, a memory and a pen I should probably go outside and find a place to play But it’s not the same when you’re fifteen hours away So I’ll sit here a while and write a song But it feels all wrong i admit … Read more


stop before it strikes. emotions distressed, indifference practiced. no sentiments nor reactions. stillness maintained to devoid myself. this is just a phase, calm yourself, get up. you are no sun. fucking reality. when will nostalgia silence me? the drama of life, it’s all BS. i think i’ve used up all my breaks and vacations and … Read more

to be numb

a little busy right now, with all the things going on. the first minute you’re finishing your school records (excluding yours) which you did successfully that in turn, sacrificed a day of class (and major subjects for that matter); the next minute you’re talking to a special friend about what’s happening in your everyday lives … Read more