random post

I’m typing this entry while lying sideways on the bed because I’m trying to tire myself to sleep; pretty much I’ve been unsuccessful. I finished watching Wolverine, the leaked copy, complete (or incomplete) with all the lack of CGI effects, unedited scenese and the obvious harness. I’ll still see it in a movie house. The … Read more

let your small brain, eyes and fingers do the talking

Still trying to transfer the pictures from Dumaguete. But I just had to get out of the house again so I visited the office and did some work. I know I have to finish some projects such as my Hist17 one. I’m tired of making a scrapbook but I have to deal with it. Bummer. … Read more

a day in the life

After 10 years, I met some of my cousins again. Boy were they tall, the guy’s 6’2″, the girl’s 5’9″. They said that they’re younger siblings who’re in Davao are taller than them. shoot. They could’ve given us some of their height. Oh well, at least I was able to see them after a terribly … Read more

last days

last saturday, went to see mtv’s rock the vote… there were different artists… got to see nina… sandwich… and the tata young… problema eh i went home early (11:00 pm!!!)… hinahanap na kasi ang kasama ko ng boyfriend niya na manager ng ibang branch na joobee… tapos hindi naman maganda tingnan kung siya lang mag-isa … Read more