back to work

The holy week was okay. Funny thing because what I wrote during one of my exams in Religion last semester came true. I was asked what type of ‘sacrifice’ I’d do for the upcoming Lenten season. I answered that I would just stay at home and not go out of town even if I initially … Read more


What is the Gender of God??? back in 3rd year high, there was an open forum in our religionclass… my teacher asked us to formulate some questions regardingreligion and spiritual stuffs… my seatmate didn’t know what to askand i told her my question… anyways… since she was the first oneto be called… she stole, i … Read more

am i spiritual or religious???

it’s holy week, today’s good friday, and i’m here… blogging… what a way to fast write??? hehe…. i came from work… tapos akala mo nag-pupuasa(nag-fafast) yung mga tao dito… eh yung mga order ko puros manok, burger, champ, and everything that spelled meat-meat-meat!!! ang sarap pagsabihang hoy! wag muna nga kayong kumain ngayon!!! hehe… but … Read more