raining and looking stupid

It’s been raining the past few days. Only, I don’t like it when it does when I’m awake. I work on the night shift and when I get home, it’s usually hotter than usual that I don’t get enough rest because I still sleep late in the afternoon. I wish to get an air conditioning … Read more


Haha! Finally got a good 11 hours of sleep! I’ve never shut my eyes like this in a very long time, even on weekends which are my days off. It feels good to wake up not feeling groggy and cranky for a change. I’m trying to reply to commentators who have questions regarding the trips … Read more

lost track of time

I can’t keep track of how many hours I’ve spent at the office already. I’ve been trying to beat a deadline that I imposed upon myself however that ultimatum has always been compromised. I’ve been doing my best to keep up but sleep always comes to mind especially in the wee hours. I’m trying to … Read more

a day in the life

After 10 years, I met some of my cousins again. Boy were they tall, the guy’s 6’2″, the girl’s 5’9″. They said that they’re younger siblings who’re in Davao are taller than them. shoot. They could’ve given us some of their height. Oh well, at least I was able to see them after a terribly … Read more

dreaming something weird and yet with sense

i had a weird but short dream, or maybe it was a sad one… anyway, idreamt that i was sitting together with some people (i didn’trecognize) around a large waste basket glowing… they werealternately going to the waste basket, trying to throw one of thethings i treasure the most… PICTURES!!! they were throwing andburning their … Read more