raining and looking stupid

It’s been raining the past few days. Only, I don’t like it when it does when I’m awake. I work on the night shift and when I get home, it’s usually hotter than usual that I don’t get enough rest because I still sleep late in the afternoon. I wish to get an air conditioning unit but I know it will kill me come end of the month when I pay my bills. I don’t want to spend more considering that I’m such a cheapskate and getting a cooler is such a hassle. Maybe when my pay gets higher I’ll consider it. For now, I’ll just have to deal with what the rain can offer.

View from the balcony of a room where I rent. No view at all. tsk tsk. Maybe I can see somebody undressing. –> sheesh, I’m not a perv. I’m just defensive. haha.

Usually when I go home, I just bring out my laptop and then check out updates on what I can do so I could blog and make some extra cash online. I stay awake for a couple more hours up to a point where I don’t care whether it’s hot or not because of being too tired and just wanting to go to sleep. One fine gloomy day though, it suddenly rained hard, really hard. I had to open all the blinds including the doors so cool air could pass through.

These are days where I normally get bored so I do something stupid just so I could make a fool out of myself. I brought out my tripod and started shooting the hallway going to the room where I rent. The house is made of wood and the room is at at the end of an eerie passageway which reminds me of those Asian horror flicks. (Note: I had to turn ON the lights while typing this because I got scared of the darkness and the light only coming from the laptop screen, haha I feel like a wuss.)

Standing inside the common bathroom where there’s another in front of me that could suddenly burst open because somebody would like to take a leak, here I am where it’s dark and the only light is coming from where I stand. I am looking like a fool trying to stay frozen until my camera on a tripod would finally be done taking a shot.

Good thing I wasn’t really caught in this position, although my next door neighbor really did go out to pee. haha. More photos at EDSNAPS.com

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