Podcast Interview with Doi of TheTravellingFeet.com

I know the schedule of my podcasts has been erratic and I need to come up with a regular date when posting them so my apologies to those who are anticipating this series. Anyway, this is already the 8th episode and I was able to interview a finalist for the Best Travel Blog Category – National Level in the Philippine Blog Awards 2011.

Episode 8 of SoloFlightEd Sessions

soloflighted sessions with doi

Doi of TheTravellingFeet.com

Doi is one of my great travel buddies who is very game when going to different adventures. She blogs at TheTravellingFeet.com and what I like best is that she’s very good at coming up with a budget during our trips, up to the last centavo!

We also talked about her story venturing into freelancing work online in order to satisfy her thirst for location-independence. She shares a couple of tips if you are serious about building a career online.

Interview Location: Coffee Dream, Parkmall, Cebu


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