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I know the schedule of my podcasts has been erratic and I need to come up with a regular date when posting them so my apologies to those who are anticipating this series. Anyway, this is already the 8th episode and I was able to interview a finalist for the Best Travel Blog Category – National Level in the Philippine Blog Awards 2011.

Episode 8 of SoloFlightEd Sessions

soloflighted sessions with doi

Doi of TheTravellingFeet.com

Doi is one of my great travel buddies who is very game when going to different adventures. She blogs at TheTravellingFeet.com and what I like best is that she’s very good at coming up with a budget during our trips, up to the last centavo!

We also talked about her story venturing into freelancing work online in order to satisfy her thirst for location-independence. She shares a couple of tips if you are serious about building a career online.

Interview Location: Coffee Dream, Parkmall, Cebu


Please click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the Podcast:


What is your primary goal why you set up your travel blog?

Originally, my main blog is at DoiSpeaks.com but I decided to separate my travel posts that’s why I created a separate website and named it ‘The Travelling Feet’.


What do you suggest to people who want to venture into freelancing?

Freelance is good. It doesn’t mean that if it did not work me, it will not work for you too. You need to have discipline. If you’re planning to go freelance, I would really suggest for you NOT to quit your job immediately.

You have to try it first before quitting. It’s the same thing I’ve mentioned to a lot of friends. For example, if you’re working a 9-hour work shift, you can try going to online sites and apply for part-time jobs and see if it works for you. After that, if you feel that the job will work for you then go ahead and if you’re confident enough that you can do it, then go ahead and quit. But if you think that that’s not going to work for you, then you know the answer to that.

One more thing, I quit without any savings! So if you quit your job without any backup plans, you might regret it. But I’m not regretting retiring from my work. What I plan is I just have to settle my finances or save up for my future plans of travelling.

doi the travelling feet

Why do you travel?

I travel because I love to travel, that’s it. If other people complain about long hours in the airport or long hours they spend waiting for their flight; or those people complaining about a bus ride going to some place, I don’t do that. Because of my love for travelling, even that point where I have to wait going to a particular destination, I enjoy that.

Are you always meticulous when budgeting our trips?

The thing is, I’m not just budgeting for you guys, I’m also a part of that budget. That’s the reason why I always make it a point to research the cheapest way to travel to be able to save on our travelling expenses.

We’re not really that financially endowed so I have to make sure that we go on a budget when we travel. That’s why I always look for all the possible information or all the resources online because Google is my best friend; so you should treat Google as your best friend, too!

the travelling feet

Are there any tips you’d like share to those who are hesitant to go out and explore the world?

You have to act on it now because if you don’t, when will it be?

Just do baby steps, like if you’re really that afraid of travelling or if budget is a problem, then you can start by researching on the places that you want to go. There are a lot of travel bloggers online who have a lot of information to share and most of these bloggers are happy to aid you with your travels. You can easily ask them any question if you have any and they will be happy to answer them for you.

You will finally realize that travelling is something you need to experience.


Thanks for the interview, Doi!

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  • wow! gusto ko makasama sa travel si Doi, gusto ko yung pagiging organized nya sa IT at sa Budget… OC na kung OC… hehehe!!! Nice to hear your voice Doi! Hope to meet you soon! 🙂

  • AJ

    Homay….the sexual tension is so thick I can slice it with a knife! Hahaha! You guys sound so good together. You should have a baby….I mean the joint blog. wink wink

  • DOI is ♥. Can't wait to see her again. 🙂

  • doi

    hahaha. despite how long it was since we recorded this podcast, i still can't help but laugh at our conversations ed. LOL 
    @mervz, not sure if you'd love to join me on my travels baka magutom ka lang but yeah, I'd love to go on a trip with you someday too! 😀
    @AJ, what are you talking about? hahaha. #cluelessmodepramis. anyway, i forgot who it was but someone told me that he/she can really tell ganu na kami katagal magkakilala based on how we talk to each other so wag lagyan ng malisya, k? LOL. oh, please check out our comatose site – http://ceburoadtrip.com. hahaha
    @Olan, love you and miss you! 😀

  • how did you and doi meet?
    how did you find out both of you are travel junkies?
    (yes.. fuma-follow up question ako) hehe

  • doi

    ai halatang di nakining ng podcast chyng, hahaha :-p

  • lelz. facebook happened.

  • daming input ni ed hahaha….yiii hahaha

  • @mervz: magkakasundo kayo sa mga blog entries mo about ITs and budget sa site mo! hehe. sayang nga hindi kayo nag-abot ni doi nung nagmeet-up tayo sa Dumaguete. 

    @AJ: lol yung mga comments mo talaga AJ, napapabasa talaga ako uli. haha. halatang matagal na kaming magkaibigan ni Doi. hehe bisitahin mo yung site namin – ceburoadtrip.com. lol.

    @OLAN: wow, di ko pa in alam anong short cut key ng <3 na symbol. hehehe. soon! daan ka na ng Cebu! 😀

    @doi: GGB mode yung usapan natin dito doi, para tayong may mga tama dito kasi gabi nato at di toh planado di ba? hehe. thanks again for ageeing doi kahit anlabo na ng mga tanong ko. bwahahaha.

    @chyng: haha. nagmeet kami sa chyng sa trabaho. pareho kami ng account at actually marami kami, na impluwensyahan ko silang magresign pero ngayon, ako na lang natitira! lahat ng mga kablogger namin noon sa opisina, wala na sila. lol.

    We found out we were both travel junkies when we I joined one of their team building activities. Saling pusa ako sa mga team buildings nila. Pero we both worked under the same department din and then dun. may kasama kaming isa pa pero nasa Singapore na sya. 😀

    @lakbay: mao na ni ron, basta facebook. nus-a naman atong interview dwin? hahaha

    @jerome: lol. daldal ko eh. teka. kayo yung lab team ko before ni doi. bwahahahah! pero ngayon, parang nagswitch na at napunta na kay Christian (lakad-pilipinas) hehehe

  • hahaha…. ang kulit nyong dalawa! hahahaha…. 

  • Fan na ako ni Doi… Quitting is not as easy as ABC for me. hehe

  • hahaha…. napapasama ako sa tawa. natural na natural at buti talaga na nakasama ko na si doi sa byahe.
    i like that detailed computation of expenses.

    laki ng utang ko diyan kasi bigla lang sumama sa osmena peak at lalong nagulat ako nung biglang may dumating na tripod. hehehe… pinadala niya pala kay ed.
    dahil diyan may utang ako na byahe sa pinatubo.

  • doi

    @dwin, dun ako sa natatawa sa "i'm liking this part" (7:25) hahaha.
    @ed, this was the night when you attended your Cebu Catholic Mass Media Awards nomination, remember? 😀
    teka, anong lab team lab team yan? wala akong alam jan ah! paki explain nga! at kung meron man, di ko sasabihin kung sino! :-p
    @ian, obvious ba? LOL
    @edmaration, salamat! 😀
    @dom, actually pinaguusapan na namin dati pa na sasama kami sayo kaso di namin alam kung ok lang sayo may mga sasabit sa trip mo. parang ikaw lang ata ang walang malay na may makakasama ka sa pag akyat mo sa Osmena Peak! surprise! LOL. tsaka kase dba nagrequest ka ng tripod? eh wala akong dslr so walang tripod kaya si ed ang nakapagbitbit which was also useful sa trip natin. wui, ano ba. wala kang utang noh but if you must insist, sino ba naman ako para tumanggi? LOL

  • Finally si Doi na! Teka pakinggan ko muna pero based sa comments sa taas, wah naloka din ako nung kwinento ni Doi sa amin ni Robbie dati yung about detailed computation 0_0. Bilib ako sa spending discipline ni Doi hehe kelangan ko ata mag-workshop under her pagdating sa pagtitipid lol

  • Hayan kahit di ko pa namimeet si Doi at least narinig ko na boses nya 🙂 

  • @ian dela pena: ang kulit kasi mga bangag! lol. congrats uli sa domain ian! 😀

    @EDMARATION: di talaga madali, I'm still with the same company where she used to work and I haven't resigned yet! 🙂

    @dong ho: buti na lang naging sabit kami ni doi sa trip mo. akala mo si edwin lang sasama sayo. hehehe. naks, pinatubo! sana matuloy na yan next year.

    @doi: onga pala, kaya pala bangag ako nun. wala, basta kayo ni jerome lab team. lol.

    @micamyx: haha, paworkshop ka na mica! hehehe. grabe yan si doi. kocontact-in lahat ng possible na contacts para malaman kung saan pinakamura. hehe.

    @claire: exactly the initial agenda of this podcast series. thanks claire! 😀

  • finally na feature din si doi.akala ko nga you were a couple before hahaha.congrats doi for being a finalist sa PBA

  • @chris: haha, dami nang nabiktima nyan. 😀 thanks for listening chris! 😀

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