Selling Tumbler’s Homemade Ice Cream last Sinulog 2011

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures last Sinulog 2011 because I was busy selling homemade ice cream; even if it was raining!

Last year (Sinulog 2010 blog article), I took part on the street parade and took a number of photos which was a blast because I got to practice my skills in photography. However this year, I only took a few. You can blame it on the bad weather as the water poured hard during lunch time.

tumblers cebu
Tumbler’s Ice Cream in Cebu

Weather predictions were clear that it was going to be a wet Sunday for Cebuanos but it never hindered the people from going out on the road and party. I went out with a couple of friends until I stopped by a former colleagues’ ice cream stall somewhere in Mango Avenue.


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