Selling Tumbler’s Homemade Ice Cream last Sinulog 2011

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures last Sinulog 2011 because I was busy selling homemade ice cream; even if it was raining!

Last year (Sinulog 2010 blog article), I took part on the street parade and took a number of photos which was a blast because I got to practice my skills in photography. However this year, I only took a few. You can blame it on the bad weather as the water poured hard during lunch time.

tumblers cebu
Tumbler’s Ice Cream in Cebu

Weather predictions were clear that it was going to be a wet Sunday for Cebuanos but it never hindered the people from going out on the road and party. I went out with a couple of friends until I stopped by a former colleagues’ ice cream stall somewhere in Mango Avenue.


I first heard about Cebu Tumbler’s Homemade Ice Cream through a friend who said that her officemate was selling these desserts. Knowing that I’m such a sucker for ice cream, she recommended that I should try it soon.

When I did, I couldn’t stop raving about it. That’s why when I found out that they rented a space for the Sinulog festival, I immediately searched for their stall. I ordered a few scoops and afterwards, I just stayed there the whole time and started offering this treat to passersby. I didn’t know that a few would listen to me and actually buy the product.

ice cream cebu
Tumbler Ice Cream

Tumblers Homemade Ice Cream offers a variety of premium flavors that will definitely whet your cravings for sweet frozen treats. The texture is just enough to make you stop and savor the moment when the ice will melt in your mouth.

They offer premium flavors that make you wonder why the prices for these delights are cheap. Where have you heard a dessert shop selling Chocolate Chip Mint or Blueberry flavors for 25 Php for two scoops? I was so sold out with the product that I kept recommending it to people on the street.

ice cream tumblerinside the freezer

Flavors: Banoffee, Rocky Road, Vanilla, Mango, Forrest Berries, Blueberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Chip Mint, Coffee Caramel, Cheese, Cookies and Cream, Dulce de Leche, Double Dutch, Chocolate

tumblers ice cream
working it

What used to be a couple of minutes turned into hours (around 8 hours just to give you a figure). I spent the rest of the day selling Tumblers Ice Cream and the owners didn’t even ask me to. I was able to sold a number of scoops despite the rain which made me glad to have a thick face and practice my marketing skills.

ice cream tumblers
and I got to ring the bell too!

So I didn’t have any picture to boast for Sinulog. But I still had a great time selling something that I wanted to share even if I wasn’t paid to do so. Just the feeling of being productive was enough to make me sleep soundly and say that I did something good on that day.

Tumbler’s Homemade Ice Cream
Half-Gallon: 210 Php
One Liter: 130 Php

For orders, contact: (032) 267-4884 | 0932-169-7678 | 0920-674-4472
You can also check out their Facebook Page here: Tumblers Homemade Ice Cream

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5 thoughts on “Selling Tumbler’s Homemade Ice Cream last Sinulog 2011”

  1. @lily: haha. yeah. was expecting to have lots of pics but it was really a blast selling! hehe

    @jan: ey jan! i bought some shirts for you ok hehe. 10 2-scoops? I bought a half-gallon! hehe

    @dyanie: haha sarap talaga dyanie! the ID badge was for the access sa Sinulog parade so i could take pictures near the parade of contingents 😀


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