How we got to Twin Lake in Dumaguete

Twin Lake or Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao Negros Oriental I never thought that Twin Lake or Lake Balinsasayao/Lake Danao in Dumaguete was actually near. I've lived in Dumaguete for 3 and a half years and spent the most part of my high school there. I studied in a Catholic school and there was a point where … Read more

half a second of fame in dumaguete’s twin lake

During one of our trips in Dumaguete, we visited Twin Lake or Lake Balinsasayao. I still have to come up with a write up about it since it’s going to be two months already and I haven’t really updated my blog with much travel experiences. Going back to the lake, I entitled the entry as … Read more

To Dumaguete and back

I’m tired from another Dumaguete trip. After the four hour bus ride from Santander to Cebu, I went to the office to send some reports and went to Informatics in SM City Cebu to continue my short-term class. Schedule is definitely hectic and my body is still tired from the different activities that we did over … Read more


I'm planning to finally visit Dumaguete. A friend told me that I had much time to go to other places but I never visited the place where I spent my years in high school. I felt guilty so I figured that I'd have to push Dumaguete through, provided that we go to a place I … Read more