no update, been busy

Been terribly busy the past few weeks. I'm working on a lot of things that I can only wish I can get some time off. I haven't been a good blogger since I haven't been able to update my sites as much as I can. But I do have valid reasons which really don't need … Read more

i surrendered my laptop

temporarily anyway.  There was a problem with the LCD at the bottom portion as lines were flickering which needed to get fixed. It’s still under warranty so it shouldn’t be that much of  a problem. But having to surrender my HP laptop for a couple of weeks (hopefully it’ll just be one) is a bit … Read more

update update

I’ve heard about a colleague who got bitten by a cat. It cost her 40 Thousand bucks for medical and other expenses. FTW? 40 effing thousand is a lot of money. ——— My blog is hosted at WordPress and I’m glad that my admin had updated it to the newest version. Yey! I also updated … Read more