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I’ve heard about a colleague who got bitten by a cat. It cost her 40 Thousand bucks for medical and other expenses. FTW? 40 effing thousand is a lot of money.

My blog is hosted at WordPress and I’m glad that my admin had updated it to the newest version. Yey! I also updated two new pages for this blog. You can now check out trips I’ve been to in the ‘Travels’ page and food trips in the ‘Food’ page. I still want to change the layout but it’s a bit hard since I don’t know much about creating tables in HTML.

Our office will be transferred one floor lower because we’ll be having our own room after almost a year. Finally!

My birthday week was a good one. I was greeted by colleagues and some friends. Went out with some as well which made me feel my worth somehow. A lot of food trips have been happening. I’m getting bigger though not as fatter as I thought. Oh well, food!

Unionbank’s been giving me a bit of a headache. I can’t seem to log in to my EON account because of a new security feature for me to put in a transaction password that I’ve never set up. A few calls have been made and a couple of emails were sent and received, but up to now, the problem’s still there.

Will be checking out my SSS account, I’ve already surpassed the minimum number of contributions for me to get a loan. At least, I can use it for something else.

My WeeMee for my AIM Messenger. hehe.


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