to tell or not to tell???

do i have to tell my friends that i have this blog??? i mean, of
course, eventually, they’ll find out… but this is sort of like my
journal… and i know i haven’t poured everything in it yet… but i
think if i do, i’ll be restricted to put my thoughts when people i
know will actually read my works… i know also that strangers have
read my entries (they even made comments!), but at least, they get to
know me first because of this and not because they’ve met me in
person… so maybe, they won’t be strangers anymore… and also at
least these are different people in a different worlds wherein i can
actually be myself for a change (it’s not that i’m not me when i’m
with people)…

i don’t know what to do, i think that i’m the only one in our school
here who’s got a blog. or they have yet to find out… i think it’s
starting already too.. the other day, somebody asked me if i have a
blog, and i said yes, i think that he’s going to register too… maybe
i’m just selfish… but yikes! soon everyone will know who dgboy is!
“it’s like, hey check out that guy’s blog… what’s a blog?… oh,
it’s a blah.. blah.. blah…and a yadiyadiyah… oh sure! let’s find
out what’s he thinking right now!” that’s what i’m afraid of… i’m
scared that if people who know me but are not quite close to me, will
find out about me… and they’ll tell me “hey dgboy! hello dgboy!
when’s your next entry dgboy?” oh no!

so basically, do i have to tell my friends? or maybe i could… and
then they could start making their own blogs too and tell their
friends to make their own blogs and soon, our blog population will
grow! but again, that’s where i get confused… if i know that they
know, i have to change my blog name, or worse, i have to make a new
one! i really don’t want people taking interest of my life with them
seeing me in person (some other time, maybe). i might be careful soon
of what i might say which makes it uncomfortable… and then i won’t
be me!!! HELP!!!

thanks for visiting larga, molecule and sunflowergie

posted Monday, 13 October 2003

-unwritten- made this comment,
All you write here is about YOU, not them… Do not be scared of what
they may think of you but rather find inspiration in what they say…
We write to expresss and not to impress…

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comment added :: 21st October 2003, 21:52 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
i thought about that too..i only let my closest friends know about my
blog( i think they forgot, nonetheless), but i’m still thinking. if
lots of people who knew me knew about my blog..that means i’m gonna
have to watch what i i’ve said, i’m still thinking.

comment added :: 23rd October 2003, 15:00 GMT+08

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