top 3 blogger of Cebu for 2009

One afternoon when I got back to the office, a colleague brought out a package that I didn’t expect right away. He said that somebody was looking for me and gave an envelope with a badge I recognized last December 2009. It was the certificate and the book that I received from Mark’s contest for the Top 10 Best Blogs of 2009.

I received a book by Janette Toral entitled “Blogging From Home” which I finished reading that afternoon – yes, I was bored. More than the prize, I’m happy to get recognized for the efforts that I’ve made in writing and publishing on this blog. Sure, I do earn some extra income out of this as well but more importantly, I’m able to have an avenue to share my experiences.

It amazes me at times when people come up to me and say they’ve read my blog. It’s a bit creepy especially when I’ve never met them before but gratifying in a sense I’ve created more value to this site which I’ve never really thought about at the beginning.

Currently, I’m cleaning my old blog entries about traveling to have a better layout so it would be more presentable when people read it.

blogging from home

Thanks again!

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