a lifestory

so this is the project i had sa first semester in 1st year coll…

NOTE: this project is addressed to my social orientation teacher which
she said that i didn’t make but was a good thing that i saved it sa
mail ko… and be aware na lang agad na sa last part, may
pagka-suplado yung tono ko… and it’s still addressed to her… so
hope you enjoy the story of my life… —sana nga—

september 20, 2003
1st year-1st semester

I’m now here in the place called the Queen City of the South… CEBU.
Now, how did I get here? Here’s my story…

On September 09, 1986, a healthy 7-pound baby boy was born. That’s me.
I was christened with the name ED*** ****** ****. I am stuck in the
middle. My family, before, was just like any other ordinary family.
But how do you define ordinary? Well, a typical father and mother with
five children, all boys… I am located at the 3rd or simply stuck in
the middle. Anyway, I came from the native province called the Land of
Promise… DAVAO City.

My father came from a poor family. They are ten in all. My Lolo was a
soldier who died due to an I-don’t-know-what disease; and that’s all I
know about him. My Lola raised her children fine. We don’t really
communicate but she knows that I’m alive, (I hope). They lived a not
so extravagant life but good enough to be alive. And now, most of her
children have families of their own. Memorable experiences with them
were that on Christmas Eve, or more popularly known as the Noche
Buena, we would go to their house for family reunions. Then we would
meet our cousins and aunts and uncles and ninongs and ninangs. Usually
eating food, the grown-ups conversing, and us, the children asking for
“pasalubongs”. We were pretty close with our relatives in the paternal
side. And I like my cousins for we always kept on hanging-out
together. I always had fun having them around. And most of us came
from the same school, but that was before.

On my mother’s side, I have one biological aunt and one uncle. But it
was only later that I found out about all this. So I didn’t have time
to “not like” my uncle’s children. Besides, we still considered them
normally as our cousins. We also had the same school before. With my
Lolo, I am not quite close with him. He’s pure Chinese who came from
Hong Kong. He wed my Lola so he could stay here in the Philippines. My
Lola, on the other hand, is quite strict. In the past, her family was
doing well in terms of living, until they were double-crossed by their
relatives and were told to go to Davao because of World War II. With
I-don’t-what they had left; my Lola strived hard to overcome poverty
and did her best to manage her business. And now she’s okay. She can
spend money whenever she wants to. One of my fondest memories with her
was that every Sunday, together with my cousins, we would go to
Paradise Island or any other beach she would suggest and have fun.
However, sometimes I get intimidated with her strictness. She didn’t
like my father for she doubted what the future holds for her daughter
if they were to be wed. She was also being cautious, money-wise.
Nevertheless, since love always prevail; my parents soon got married
at an early age. They weren’t able to finish college, which is one of
the things that bother them up to now. Anyway, there they were,
starting a family…

Normal Days:
We were living a simple life. Just your average family… and your
average toddler… who didn’t know much of life back then… Who had silly
problems and did ridiculous ways of dealing situations. In my first
years of experiencing life, I became the favorite, which was very
unfortunate for the 2nd born. For he didn’t get much attention when I
came to existence in this world. But don’t tell him that I said this
or he’ll kill me. We always fought with my brothers in petty things. I
could still remember the days when we were kneeling on salt, which
served as our punishment for quarreling. I was always a spoiled brat,
as what my other brother once called me. Now that I have knowledge
over things, what he said was true. I always got what I wanted. Money
wasn’t much of a problem when I was still little. We weren’t really
rich nor really poor before. We could afford basic needs and have room
for extra expenses for leisure. We didn’t have a big house or really
cared about it. But I have to admit, if we spent something, we spent
luxuriously. Such as every weekend, we would go to Molavé, a
restaurant whose specialty are fried chickens. We would order a whole
chicken each person (us only getting half) and eat till we were full.
Or sometimes, after eating dinner, we would call any fast food chain
for delivery services, typically pizza from Zed’s, Papa’s, or
Shakey’s. Or buy a gallon of ice cream while watching a movie in our
house almost every night. Yes, we spent well on food. Those were the
days, simple and easy life…

Abnormal Days:
Because of the abuse that took place in the past, we are now trying to
cope up and start over again. A new beginning and a new hope… This is
the more complicated part…

I came from many different schools and was really unhappy with
switching places. First thing’s first, I studied at Stella Maris
Academy of Davao (SMAD) from nursery up to the 3rd Grading of Grade 5.
We went to Manila, particularly in Antipolo and studied at Pleasant
Mount School (PMS); which so far, was the worst school I’ve attended.
I finished my last Grading in Grade 5 there. During our summer
vacation of that year, my Lola (maternal side) offered to sponsor the
2nd born and I to go back to SMAD. And since I really wanted to go
back, we agreed. So, I finished my elementary education and graduated
in that school. In the freshmen year of high school, I studied the
first half at Colegio de San Agustin in Bacolod (CSA-B). And the
second half was at Saint Paul College of Dumaguete (SPCD). My
sophomore year was spent at Colegio de Santa Catalina de Alejandria
(COSCA), another worse school; still in Dumaguete. My last years of
high school then were used back at SPCD. And now, in the beginning of
College life, I am now studying at the University of Southern
Philippines (USP) in Cebu, the school where I am typing this project.
I have different reasons of why I kept on transferring; some are
similar, and others are rather complex. And to close this topic, I
don’t intend to graduate here…

There wasn’t anything special about my younger years; they’re all
boring, they’re rather normal… Anyway, let’s talk about the time when
I reached puberty and up to the present stage. When I was 13 years
old, I was still pretty much innocent about things such as sex, drugs
and life itself. I was still the so-called “goody-goody two shoes”;
who still wanted so much to follow the rules and obey the elders. I
just concentrated on my studies; and I had good grades, not the best,
just “good”.

14 years old, I still remembered that I was at a friend’s house and
tried tasting lambanog – a type of liquor. That was the year when I
learned how to drink, my first time to be in a disco, and learned
about bitches and whores and other different things about sex
education and drugs and violence. I learned this through the kind of
environment I was in. And imagine that I learned all these in a
Catholic school! But mind you, to make this clear, I’m still a virgin,
I’m not an avid drinker, and I don’t do and have never tried drugs.
And there is still that good side in me. Good, but not that ignorant

15 years old, I was in 3rd year at this time, back to a decent school.
And I met different people. It was a clean and fun year for me. But I
had trouble with my studies. I became less involved with my grades in
school. Probably because of a certain teacher who thinks that I’m dumb
and not responsible enough to handle things. He gave me a low mark in
his subject. But to tell you the truth, I didn’t deserve that low
grade and what he did was unfair. However, I didn’t have enough
courage over these matters. I still did my assignments, but I became
more aware of the things around me that are more important. And I
enjoyed it.

16 years old, this is the turning point in my life, and so far the
best year I’ve had! This was the time when I met good friends and
realized that some are just acquaintances only. Through a certain
friend, she helped me understand what life is all about. She isn’t my
best friend and I don’t have a best friend. But I have special
friends. Because of this alleged discovery, I had a nice encounter of
the deeper things in life, such as ideas, principles, and my purpose
of living. This was a better year for I was able to pick and really
choose who my REAL friends were. In studies, I was improving though
not like in 1st year, but in the sense that from the different schools
I’ve been in, I was conscious of the nooks and corners of how the
school is being run. I was able to deal with teachers who are very
abusive and was able to fight back against them. I was trying to let
them know my rights as a student; that I had my own mind and knowledge
over handling things, that I have power. I wasn’t just any other
student, for even if what I did isn’t really great to anyone, I know
that I made a difference!

I am now 17 years of age, studying here in USP; taking up Bachelor of
Science in Mechanical Engineering. I can’t decide what I actually want
to become in the future. I’m still in doubt of what I want to be. In
fact, I’m just taking up this course because I like Math. But I’m not
that shallow anyway so don’t raise your brow. One thing for sure, to
be safe, I want to be successful. I want to solve our financial
problem and be stable. So that I can know why I’m alive, so that I can
find my purpose for living. But at least I’m familiar of the things
that are going on in my life. Even though i don’t have all the
answers, at least I know that I have questions. For I’m not anymore
just another teenager, I’ve experienced what life is at an early age.
And though I don’t like what’s happening now for the time being, I
shouldn’t regret for the reason that these are lessons for me. These
problems make me stronger, and that there are still more people who
are living worse lives. So what’s in store for me? I don’t know… Only
time can tell…

I know that this isn’t really a life story. It would consume a lot
more pages if I did just that. I’m just giving you some slight details
about my life, for project’s sake. So don’t go on telling me that you
know everything. And don’t ever judge me, you’ve only read a part of
it. You should read the whole book first before you can judge me. But
most likely, if I ever make one, I’d be dead by that time. So you’re
judging is useless…

PS: at the present, i am working at a fastfood joint, stranded in school…

—— thanks for the people who have come this far! and let your eyes
rest na… siguradong ang sakit-sakit na nga mga mata niyo sa
katititig sa screen! hehe…——

posted Wednesday, 7 January 2004

A visitor made this comment,
my autobiography….
buhay ko?! wa wenta… 😉

walang kabuhay-buhay… 😉


comment added :: 7th January 2004, 23:24 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
wow ang dami mo na daanang schools! anyway just dropping by =)
take care

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comment added :: 8th January 2004, 02:41 GMT+08
angel made this comment,
Hi just came across your blog. what can I say? you are so well
travelled! I am actually contemplating on migrating to Dumaguete.NO, I
have never seen that place before but well, I think I just need a
break. Nice read.:-). I’ll link you in.:-)
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comment added :: 8th January 2004, 10:13 GMT+08
Shawty made this comment,
kilala kita ikaw si Ed*** hahaha joke!!! hoy matalino to si gdboy!!
kasali siya sa honorable mentions sa batch ni bro hehehe.. diba ed!!
at matinik to sa chicks.. may kilala ako die hard fan mo dati hehehe..
ewan baka till know parin..
my story is in progress.. it will be post soon!!!

comment added :: 8th January 2004, 19:56 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
lushlips: hehehe… sana malabasa rin lang naman tayo sa lifestory mo,
kahit boring… hehe…
nicole: thanks for dropping by! and read this oh-so-long lifestory of mine…

angel: thanks for dropping by too! maganda ang dge. if you want to
live and do nothing. but when it comes to making a some dough. ‘wag na
lang… based on personal experience… trust me on that… thanks for
the linking thing! i’ll try to link you too! 🙂

shawty: hindi naman ako honor… brayt lang… ay o tama! na-3rd honor
ako! sa chinese… hehe… anyway, o nga! kilala ko yon! hehe… pero
nakalimutan ko na kung sino siya, yung face natatandaan ko pa. hehe…


comment added :: 9th January 2004, 22:57 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
ang haba ah! 😉 you should decide now whether you really want to
pursue a career in ME.. mahirap na ang mag career change kung graduate
ka na! 😉
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comment added :: 11th January 2004, 19:00 GMT+08
Shawty made this comment,
ows!!! ang humble mo naman hahaha.. o cge nga sino nga yun hehehe..

comment added :: 11th January 2004, 21:12 GMT+08
aMia made this comment,
wow. i wonder how u were able to change schools ng ganun karaming
beses. ako, iisang school parin buong buhay ko, gusto ko nang lumipat.
nagiba lang ako ng campus ngaun. mejo pareho tayo ng takbo ng buhay,
kaya i can relate somehow. stuck ako ngayon sa davao, sa totoo lang
gusto ko nang umuwi, pride lang talga bakit andito pako hehehe.

comment added :: 12th January 2004, 18:58 GMT+08

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