love story?

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so this is supposed to be a love story??? you be the judge… try it! ha!… wala talaga akong maipag-blog ngayong araw!…

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posted Monday, 5 January 2004

Shawty made this comment,
hmmm ewan ko sa kanya ed, baka naman pinagawa lang niya yung hahaha.. ambot sa iya!!! nice one about the love story thing.. i actually hit myself hahaha..

comment added :: 5th January 2004, 18:39 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
nyahaha..what a love story i made…toinks”,0

comment added :: 6th January 2004, 08:05 GMT+08

eryN made this comment,
wish ko lang! =)

comment added :: 6th January 2004, 08:38 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
A 6-year-old may be able to work up a story like this. It’s so, well, juvenile. Love story? I don’t think so. Somebody was just prolly really bored at that time. Pero galing nung Best Friend part ha! The prompt got it right.

comment added :: 6th January 2004, 17:22 GMT+08

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