A Relaxing Break after Backpacking

I’ve been carrying two bags with me that amounts to almost 20 kilos, and I’m lucky enough that I’m able to hand-carry them inside the aircraft. I don’t have to pay for luggage fees every time. The trick is not to look like you’re having a hard time with your bags and I’ve somehow perfected the act of being innocent so that the check-in counters wouldn’t mind me carrying another bag on the plane.

carry backpack
Changi Airport, Singapore


When I arrived in my room inside a cheap hostel in Bangkok, I suddenly felt my shoulders hurt. I took a break and tried to shrug it off. However, when I went out for a walk and brought my backpack, I could still feel pain.

Maybe it was the bad posture when I slept at the airport (to save on costs) or maybe my shoulders have grown weary because of how many hours of carrying bags in transit.

airport sleeping
Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok
Slept on this bench for more than 8 hours

I can already imagine myself going for a relaxing break after this backpacking trip. I know how some of my female friends want to use some spa gift vouchers they’ve gotten online through group-buying sites. I’m on this long-term journey but I haven’t really thought about relaxation as I’m more into adventures when travelling.

massage bangkok
Soi Rambuttri, Bangkok, Thailand

I know a few who would go to other destinations for luxury. But the thought how spabreaks.com offer luxury spa breaks makes me wonder how it would be like to have a day of pampering. It makes me recall how I lived in a five-star resort for two months, but I didn’t take the opportunity to have at least, a head massage for 30 minutes in their famous Spa village.

spa village tanjung jara
Luxury Spa Village in Tanjong Jare Resort, Dungun, Malaysia

At least now I have more rest compared to when I was working in a call center and having to juggle my online freelance job and blogging at the same time. But I have to get back on track and start writing about my adventures before I lose the small details that matter when I write blog articles of my trips.

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