Beach, Cave and Cliff at Villa Igang Resort in Guimaras

Had fun enjoying the different sights at the Villa Igang Beach Resort in Guimaras island. We only stayed there for a couple of hours as we had another set of places to visit during our day tour of the island. However, I wish we could’ve stayed longer.

Villa Igang Beach Resort
Alubihod, Nueva Valencia
Guimaras Island

guimaras alubihod
under talisay trees.

There were just too many scenes aside from those pigeons in Villa Igang that I wish we had more time to spare so we could relax and enjoy the moment.

tree guimaras tree in guimaras
tree on a cliff

Kuya Jun (our driver/guide) recommended this resort as it was less crowded. When we got there, we were the only people there sans for the caretakers. We were able to see some caves as well as jump off a cliff

Aside from the beach, the resort has a butterfly garden, beautiful rock formations and caves. You can also spend the night on cottages that were set up for tourists.

guimaras iloilo
swimming in clear waters – peace y’all

Being a beach bum, I long for places wherein I can just lounge under the sun. How lucky were we that the weather was sunny. Though there was a slight downpour, it only lasted for a few minutes.

guimaras cave
dark cave – is there a bright cave?

It was nice to see the caves and the rock formations and this part reminded me of Magpupunko Lagoon in Siargao because of how clear the waters were.

guimaras island guimaras
goofing around again – with Edwin and Doi

We goofed around because we had the place all to ourselves even just for a few hours. It was eerie inside the cave but I guess that’s how caves are.

Gollum – tried to become eerie too

Kuya Jun took us to another side of the resort where we saw the beauty of this part of the island. After a few steps, we saw a grotto, a cliff and shrubs.

guimaras villa igang alubihod beach
steps to the other side

The setting reminds me of stories in the Bible where people gather around to reflect and just talk to each other; maybe share a parable or two. Surely one can think and ponder because of how peaceful the location was.

shrine guimaras
reminds me of parables

I’m not entirely sure which part of Guimaras Island did the infamous oil spill happen but looking at the water makes one really sad if that were to happen again. I’m glad that they were able to overcome that tragedy.

guimaras island cliff
couldn’t hide my smile

I couldn’t contain myself that I decided to jump and swim. I wanted to jump from a higher point but I wasn’t sure if the water was deep enough so I cancelled the thought and opted for the safer alternative.

beach guimaras guimaras swim
blue lagoon?

Edwin came from the restaurant, charging his camera battery, when he called us as lunch was already prepared. However, as soon as he saw me swimming, he immediately jumped as well. Doi would’ve joined us in the water but the food already beckoned.

dive guimarasGeronimo!

I had a slight difficulty climbing up since there were no stairs available but it didn’t bother me; I enjoyed the sea. I’m glad I dipped myself in the water because this was the last time that we saw the place. We visited Guimaras island a couple of days after but we weren’t able to come back to the resort.

How To Get to Villa Igang Beach Resort

From the port of Jordan, there are a number of tricycle/jeepney drivers looking for passengers. You can hire one of those trikes/jeeps to take you to the place.

Villa Igang Resort Entrance Fee: 100 Php per person
Kuya Jun (tricycle driver guide) Contact Number: 09291406331 and 09433327169
Lunch – 180 Php per dish


I scratched myself (again) when I tried to lie on rocks inside the cave. Now why did I lie down? Just because I felt like it. It hurt a lot because I couldn’t force myself up and not put pressure on my back. Hence, I accumulated some red marks; it didn’t matter as they were only temporary.

inside cave
pahiga-higa pa kasi

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22 thoughts on “Beach, Cave and Cliff at Villa Igang Resort in Guimaras”

  1. wahhhhhhh this is the same resort where i stayed when i was in Guimaras. Tahimik at maganda yung mga rock formations at may cliff. althought medyo low tide nung dumating ako so di ako makatalon. pero the view there ng sunset is just amazing. waaahhhh gusto ko ng bumalik!!! ang room ko yung malapit na sa mga cave. di ba parang nakaseparate yung beach dun! nice eds!!!

  2. Ang linaw ng tubig! Wow! Mapapatalon ka talaga dyan. Bigla lang akong natakot sa kweba, buti walang ahas or poisonous na spiders or bayawak or paniki na umiihi. 🙂
    Astig. Ang ganda talaga ng Pinas.

  3. @EJ: we need to try extreme stuff once in a while, in my case — all the time! hehe

    @fetus: haha, kiat moleng.

    @jerik: haha, coincidence! it was also low tide when we got there kaya sa may cliff na kami nag-enjoy. buti nga at you stayed for a night dun. we only spent around 3 hours tops siguro.

    @dani: Jump na! but be sure the water is deep enough 😀

    @luis: yeah, imagine if we didn't jump, i would regret it a lot since we weren't able to go back to the same place again. waaa. buti na lang  walang ahas! it never occured to me. hehe

    @lilliane: Guimaras really caught me by surprise too! not sure about the cave diving kasi, they've lots of rock formations and islets 😀

    @smarla: i was really in pain pero bahala na. hehe.

  4. @carla: haha, with a lifevest or not, basta talon! hehe. no prob! i've still a few posts i have yet to place about guimaras 😀

  5. Thank you guys to helping ma hubby jun to have extra income….god bless…..ITS MORE FUN IN GUIMARAS…TARA NA BYAHI TAYO!

  6. @ma.romelyn: go na 🙂

    @joy: hope you enjoyed it!

    @Shella: sorry, I don't have their phone number. 🙁

    @Mariz: pasensya, hope somebody emailed you. thanks for dropping by!

    @Glysi: no worries! I hope Jun has more contacts now. We're really satisfied with his tour! 🙂

    @Michael Yap: sarap nga, sayang kulang sa oras.

    @mikaela: probably about 12 feet? it was high tide at the time.


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