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As the title suggests, I’m back to blogging. It’s been a pretty long while before I started to come back to updating and sharing my thoughts. I believe you can say I found a life living. But then, when everyday seems like the same day, you have to find ways to make it eventful. Hence, I’m looking for other ways to release some extra energy without having to spend much.

So, what happened between then and now? Maybe I’ll discuss it the next few posts, or not.

But I’m glad I’m done transferring my files from Blog-city to Blogspot to WordPress! ‘Twas so tiring, I can’t imagine I was able to move almost 4 years worth of entries! Now I’m pooped.

When I heard the news that Blog-city was cutting its service for free users like me, I said I didn’t care anymore since I stopped writing altogether during those times. But in any case, I was able to save most of my entries in my gmail account in instances that I needed to back-up. So in that course, I just finished transferring my files painstakingly one by one to my mail.

I went on hiatus for quite a while since I was able to find a job that required more than the usual attention than my part-time work in fast-food joints before. Plus the new environment and adjustment, not to mention studying with a full load at the same time; my schedule was jam-packed!

However, as usual, I stopped schooling again which led me to be inactive at work after living in the fast track for awhile. After discovering that a colleague was able to earn some money while blogging, the interest sparked in me again. There were also a lot of stories I wanted to share but couldn’t because of the medium of articulating my thoughts vanished for a certain period. But I was determined to revive the desire to share my experiences again. Hence, I searched for other hosts.

I applied first for a WordPress account since I still wanted to maintain the simplicity and the no-frills interface of my former blog host. But with the plainness of WordPress, comes the limited features in store. I couldn’t configure the template as well as add some more elements that catered to my interests. As a result, I went to the tried and tested Blogspot powered by Blogger. I have set-up an address already, I had to migrate my posts via email. I emailed them one by one to my blogspot account.

But after my colleague found out that I actually had a lot of entries, she proposed a deal with details I’d rather not disclose. She gave me my own domain and I’m back to WordPress again. I noticed that I had about 140+ entries, and going back to reposting them one by one was such a task already.

I also tried saving my files using RSS and uploading them thru the RSS Import feature in WordPress. However, when I previewed my site, it didn’t pull up the whole entry directly. So I had to find other means of moving them. But later I realized that since this is already a premium account, I should have an “Import” feature ready somewhere. I just had to click on the IMPORT instructions of WordPress and used Blogger as the location where I could get my files. I followed the steps and I was actually able to get my old entries directly to WordPress! But in the middle of the transfer though, it stopped and hung. I was only able to successfully bring in 74 out of the entries. I kept refreshing the site many times but it just stopped importing altogether. So since I’m such a hardworking person (sheesh), I single-handedly copied and pasted the remaining entries again.

A colleague bought me a domain so we can maximize our blogs. I’m planning to join some payperpost sites as well as try to sign up for ads to put so at least I can monetize it in a way. I thought at first that I’d compromise my standing since I really blogged for its sake alone. But then again, we have to be practical in most situations. Though some entries will come up too tacky since I’ll be advertising different sites, I speculate that it won’t matter that much as long as I can make some moolah. Besides, in the end it will still be me.

I miss blogging though. I want to express my thoughts rather than keep them inside. I can’t even believe I have my own domain since I’m such a cheapskate. All those tiring processes as a final point paid off. And now I’m starting anew. Hope this will last. It should, since I’m tied.

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5 thoughts on “Back to Blogging”

  1. I’m okay nuke, wordpress is great if paid sya. But just stay in blogspot for now, it’s more friendly when it comes to customizable themes.

  2. ow i get it now.. im still gradually emailing my posts to blogger and i barely have 5 weeks to go.. daymn…

    libre dayon ed kung daghan na revenues hahahahaha

  3. Lex: ey thanks lex!
    Athenz: You can do it tenz! You have unlimited internet connection. Sana, I’m still starting so lisud pa. hehe


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