Podcast Interview with James of JourneyingJames.com

Every time I hear somebody complain that they don’t have enough money that’s why they can’t travel, I refer them to James and his blog. Being able to backpack for 14 days in the Visayas with only 250 bucks as his budget per day, it’s evident that this guy is out to prove things wrong; extremely wrong at that.

Episode 9 of my Podcast Interview Series

soloflighted sessions with james

James of JourneyingJames.com

Blogging at JourneyingJames.com, James is one of the more hardcore backpackers that I know because of how he maximizes his trips. In my case, I make it a point to squeeze my budget when I travel, but James takes budgetting to a totally different level. He’s the guy who sleeps in a hammock!

It’s funny that even during our interview, we met up at a lobby in a cinema house which shows that true to his ways, the podcast didn’t have to be conducted in a lavish setting. Listen as he shares his thoughts when he got held up in Malaysia and his vision of promoting his way of travelling to dispel the notion that “travelling is only for the rich”.

Interview Location: Gateway Cinema Lobby, Cubao, Philippines

journeying james

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Podcast Interview with Brenna of PhilippineTravelogue.com


Third part of my podcast interview series. This was a fun session and I decided to keep some of the bloopers to make the conversation sound more natural. I couldn’t keep a straight face because of how many times we broke into laughter.

soloflighted sessions with brenna

Brenna of PhilippineTravelogue.com

This SoloFlightEd Sessions episode, I interviewed Brenna of PhilippineTravelogue.com who represents one of the younger travel bloggers of the country. She, together with her family, visited Cebu for a week and decided to extend one more day to travel solo in Moalboal, Cebu.

What’s nice is that she’s also doing freelance jobs or part-time work in order to fund her travels. Money is definitely one of the factors to consider when you travel and being a student, it’s a challenge to seek funds for expenses. But Brenna has proven that when you really want to travel, you find ways to make it happen.

Interview Location: La Marea Pastry Shop, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu, Philippines

Brenna in Bohol

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