bitter October

This is going to be a busy month for sure. With the things going on and being planned and hopefully will pan out, I don't know if I can still think properly. hehe.

We transferred to a new room! A room that we can call our own. It has been almost a year since this was delayed but now that sourcing is out of the picture, we're already occupying what was supposedly ours. Now we don't have to bear the hassle of going to the production and go through the troubles due to regulations because we have our own room.

But I'll be off to some la-la place before I can even enjoy this new environment. Three weeks, I'll be deployed to another site together with another colleague to help out a new line of business that's going to be launched as a test. It'll break the routine I've been doing ever since we went live. The only problem is the tag that we're being labeled to the newbies. We're called as the experts without really understanding the process of the task. Oh well, bahala na.

When I get back, that'll be November. Should October be bitter so that my November will be sweet? yeah, yeah, corny. hehe.

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5 thoughts on “bitter October”

  1. michy: later na, hehe. i think some people already know but don’t spread it! hehe. congrats with the PR update! i noticed it weeks ago. hehe. you and bena’s pr’s are 2. hehe.


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