cramp desktop

If this isn’t proof of how crazy my life is the past few weeks because of so many things I need to work on, I don’t know what is. Even Lennon is covered in zip and notes. I need to complete more tasks than ever knowing that it’s the weekend and I have more time … Read more

Maybe I’ve been brainwashed too

It’s frustrating when people misconstrue curiosity to insensitivity. A person like me has been labeled a number of things but never have I been called irate nor insensitive. It’s upsetting to realize that after all those smiles, none of them are real. Here I am trying to cool the blood off . A guy like … Read more

working odesk tasks at cakewalkers

I’m here at Cakewalkers at The Strip again –> naghinilas na sad! I’m listening to Black Hole Sun from Soundgarden while lounging on their chair because of their wifi connection that’s really  fast and the place feeling cozy. I’m eating a piece of their cake called Chocolate Explosion at 85 bucks. Chocolate Explosion, it’s okay, … Read more

outdoor fair: should buy a new phone instead

There was a fair that was posted by our Outdoors club in the company; selling stuff with discounts on different items. Being a nature-lover, beach-comber, forest-trekker, constant traveler and adventurist (haha, I only claim half of the descriptions as true), I checked out the stuff they were selling. I bought some shorts just so I can … Read more

on Asiatown IT Park, BPOs and work

This is a repost from another blog just because I feel like posting it again. Hehe. ———————— Random shot at Jollibee, IT Park. It’s nice cause more and more establishments here in the Asiatown IT Park in Lahug are offering wifi connections. I just wish it would be free rather than having to purchase a … Read more

on productivity at work

Been going to work a little early than usual but I don’t know how long I can keep this up. It’s nice cause more than the usual, I get to go home early too. Maybe it’s with pressure and commitments that I get to do things in order. If there are no deadlines, I usually … Read more

already in Manila

Yes indeed, this time it's better. The PAL flight wasn't delayed, my tickets (and the route) was correct, it didn't rain, and I didn't experience any sudden turbulence during the flight. For the first time in PAL, I arrived early at the destination! haha. Oh well, I'll only be here for a week so it's … Read more

comment from my Enchanted Kingdom blues post

Was browsing through my email one morning and I found out that somebody commented on my Enchanted Kingdom blues entry. I was complaining about my attempt to go to this amusement park in Laguna but failed to go inside because of a family day by another company. I was with my friend Doi and when … Read more

Manila: UP Science Park

As you might not already know, I went to Manila for another business trip. I helped out another site as POC. It 's a good experience since I wanted to prove my worth. It's a bit daunting at times but I know I should look at the brighter side, I get to travel! It's already … Read more

busy busy

Terribly busy. Deeply even. I’m stressed out. But not to the point of giving up. Will be leaving next week, if all goes well. I just have to prepare myself so that I won’t look like a jackass infront of a crowd.

these are great times

I like the fact that my mind is not limited to the payslip that I get every half of the month. I'm able to earn some extra money through my sideline (blogging) and my skills are getting enhanced when it comes to understanding the concepts of the web. I'm currently in school, I have a … Read more

right hand

My right hand is taking its toll. Somehow, it’s the most abused part of my body right now. I’ve been using it a lot of times already (not what you might think so don’t think otherwise). I constantly type at work and at home that I want to desperately have it massaged by a professional. … Read more