bought a 50mm Nikkor lens at Pixel Pro in Park Mall Cebu

I bought myself a new lens! After almost a year of trying to check my funds, I finally decided to get one. Instead of saving up to get the 18-200mm Nikkor lens, I opted to get a 50mm one at the Pixel Pro in Park Mall Cebu. I had some intentions of upgrading my lens but since my camera broke down on me around September; the money was used to pay for the repair which was really depressing because it was way off my budget.

I called Pixel Pro first on what available items they had and then called Photoshop in Baseline to compare the prices. There’s just a 100 peso difference for the lens I was gunning for but since Pixel Pro had installment plans, I grabbed the opportunity to drop by the place and purchase one.

Some time last year, I bought my Tripod in their Greenhills branch when I visited Manila during a business trip. Prior to that I visited the famous Hidalgo street for some good finds but was unsuccessful since I just drooled at the different lenses on display. It was a fun experience albeit a tiring one looking for the camera shops in Quiapo by my lonesome self. I didn’t get lost plus my hands were still intact so it was good. hehe. Quiapo reminds me of Colon, only more crowded.

The Pixel Pro shop in Greenhills told me they were opening in Cebu soon. It’s already been a year that they’ve operated here at the Park Mall but I never got to visit since the place is far.  I’m glad that there’s Pixel Pro cause the choices here in Cebu are really limited as opposed to Manila.

Going back to the purchase, the f1.8 50mm lens was actually the last stock at the time which made me very lucky. Instead of worrying what to use during the Sinulog events as well as some small jobs the upcoming weeks, I have another choice to capture some shots.

Now I have to tweak the device more as my hands still shake a lot. It’s good to have more choices for purchasing photography equipments.

Pixel Pro
Park Mall, Cebu
Contact Number: (032) 4209155 and (032) 5050576.


A new baby, and I have blogging money to thank for it.

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    • hi ryan: yep, using a cc. they have 6 months and 12 months depending on the camera. that’s why i jumped and purchased one right away.


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