Sinulog Week and I didn’t know

The Sinulog week has actually started last Saturday or Friday – I haven’t been very updated with what’s going on with this town festivity. To think that this is Cebu’s main festival and the country’s biggest.

I’m a bit stunned when colleagues would tell me the list of activities that are lined up for this event.  I never knew there are a lot of things to do. Hotels and Inns are fully booked as early as November which makes me realize how these companies can truly rake in the money.

The previous Sinulog years were spent either working overtime (I was a fast food crew before) or lying in bed and watching it on the tube cause I don’t like to join the crowd. But this time, I’m getting a bit more involved.

One thing a friend said that struck me to think over passing the event up was I can capture people’s faces.

Geng: Ed, are you going to be in the city to take pictures?
Me: Not really, I try to stay away from the crowd cause it’s too much for me. Besides, there are already a number of photo enthusiasts who are going to take shots anyway.
Gent: You should still go out there and shoot, you will be able to capture EMOTIONS.

I never knew that the Sinulog event can become an eye-opener to see how people react with their beliefs and devotions as well as the candid expressions of dancers and how they will try to keep a happy face for the lens which can also become stressful because of the heat or the rain.

Over the weekend, I’ll be joining my company photo club members to just take some snaps at the different faces of the fiesta. There will definitely be number of candid shots going on. I just hope I can buy a better lens.

Things to Bring:

  • Camera – for shooting
  • Bottled Water – it’s expensive to buy on the spot
  • Alcohol – the dirt
  • 2 Tshirts – it’s a whole day activity!
  • Towel/Tissue – sweaty
  • Garbage Bag – in case it will rain for my belongings
  • Enough Money

Things To Avoid Bringing:

  • Unnecessary cards (credit, government IDs, etc.) – maybe just one ID for verification, just leave the wallet at home to be wary of pickpockets.
  • Jewelry and Such – don’t have jewelry or such. hehe.

What To Wear:

  • shirt – a comfortable and light one to avoid the sweat and heat
  • shorts – rather than having jeans
  • slippers – ah, your feet are sure going to smell if you wear shoes.
  • cellphone – yeah, wear it. place it in secure spot on your body. haha.

I’ve been here in Cebu for 6 years already but I’ve never really participated in this event. This time will be different as I will brave the crowd and become a tourist.

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