Camarines Sur: Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel

Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel
Caramoan Town
Camarines Sur

During our second day of the adventure in backpacking from Cebu to Caramaon, CamSur, before we had another stretch of island hopping activities for our second day (we went to the islands of Manlawi, Cotivas and Sabitang-Laya), we dropped by a church in the Caramoan town.

The Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel in the remote town of Caramoan in the Philippines. This church was put up by the Franciscan missionaries who wanted to spread the good news in the late 16th century.

It was nice to be able to wake up and then go to church, even if we did fall behind a little late for mass because of being tired from our island hopping in Matukad and Lahos. The St. Michael the Archangel church has a large and wide courtyard which is great for spending an afternoon or in our case, morning to sing songs of praises.

I could only see bikes, trikes and probably a jeepney or two parked but aside from that, there were no other vehicles outside which made it really serene and remote. I like the way the faded red or rustic bricks complimented the fresh greenery of the lawn.

This church in the Caramoan town gives you that simple but nostalgic feeling that whenever you come back to this place (if you grew up here), you’d remember the times you’ve spent being dragged by your parents to mass.

(click to enlarge pictures)

st. michael parish
the church in Camsur

caramoan church camsur church
liking the red bricks

camsur church cwc caraomoan parish
inside walls

st. michael caramoan michael parish
hole in the wall? toinks, window

camsur parish caramoan parish
St. Michael the Archangel church

parish church camsur candle caramoan
candles in the dark

camsur wall parish in camsur
bricks and stones

parish caramoan

camsur mass church camsur

caramoan parish church
entrance to the church

How We Got To Caramoan

First Day: Matukad and Lahos Islands

Second Day: Spent P1500 for the boat trip plus the tour guide P500

Third Day: CWC and Lago Del Rey and going home

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  1. can i borrow the church  photos pls? my fiance and i fell in love with the the church and we are considering to hold our wedding there. although it would require a long hours of trip, we really wanted a beach wedding, so we were thinking of  having the ceremony at this church and the celebration follows at any of the beach resort perhaps in Tawog/Paniman… thanks. please please… i hope you don't mind but i'll put your blogsite as a courtesy….pls??? 


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