CamSur: CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC)

How We Got To Caramoan

After our trip to the Caramoan islands (day 1 and day 2), it was time for us to go to the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC). From Guilajo Port in the Caramoan town, we rode a boat going to Sabang Port. It was raining at times too but good thing it wasn't that heavy. The boat ride was 2 hours long and then we rode a van going to SM Naga which is just beside the terminal.

We wanted to go to SM in Naga so that we could buy some stuff as well as eat lunch there. It was of perfect timing because we got there around 11am. After buying some groceries in the Supermarket, we went to eat at Mang Inasal for some unlimited rice! haha. It was great to see a mall in the place as it brought some modern feel into the trip. At least we didn't really get away from civilization. Harhar. It was nice cause the mall was spacious too. (Click to enlarge pictures)

when you see the sign, this is where you stop!

wakeboard camsur camsur watersports complex 
signboards and boards at CWC

After our lunch at Mang Inasal, we went to the CWC already. We rode a jeep at the terminal and after about 25 minutes, we dropped by the crossing to go inside. The CWC is actually near the Capitol site and there's also a large billboard saying Bigg's and the CWC trademark. We stopped over and then hired one of the trikes to get us the complex.

camsur watersports camsur cottage 
huts and cottages

camsur pool cwc camsur 
pool and wake boards

We thought that the highlight of the trip was the Caramoan islands but NO… Our last day (or half day) was spent in the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC). We didn't really find the Caramoan amazing (waaa, high standards ba?) because of being able to island hop in Cebu, but the CWC activities were really worth it. I was able to try wake boarding (or knee boarding for beginners) and then accumulated some muscle pains because of it.

wakeboard kneeboard
that's not me, wish i was. hehe

wake board knee board 
being instructed by one of the staff, knee boarding!

wake boarding camsur board 
now trying to wake board, and then failing. haha

wake boarding camsur 
all geared up

Wake boarding was really fun and I knew I had to try it out because if we didn't, it would be like going to Siargao and not try surfing. It gave me the adrenaline thrill that I needed so I could sleep in the bus on the way back to Manila. The best part about it is that it's cheaper at 165 bucks per hour.

cwc wakeboard cwc sign 
CWC is just a 20-30 minute ride from the terminal (or airport) in Naga that's why it's really convenient.

camsur wakeboarding 

camsur wake night time wakeboard 
pro ones

camsur wakeboarding cw 
the place is really nice at night too!

The CWC has a number of huts and cottages that are affordable. I just forgot to check the rates. But it's also nice at night too. It was raining at that time but it didn't really matter since we were wet most of the time. We just put our things in our rented lockers. Governor "L-Ray" Villafuerte is really something for bringing this idea in this part of the region. Kudos to him!

cwc store camsur wakeboard

CWC Rates P165 – Wake Boarding per hour (with a deposit of P500 for the equipment) P25 – locker rental per day (with a deposit of P200) P120 – Lago Del Rey per hour

Coming up would be our Lago Del Rey experiences which is really a giant playground/obstacle course of some sort. Come South, CamSur!

How We Got To Caramoan

First Day: Matukad and Lahos Islands

Second Day: Spent P1500 for the boat trip plus the tour guide P500

Third Day: CWC and Lago Del Rey and going home

St. Michael Parish

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  2. @Jhon: ey, no. haven't tried water rafting. there's one in Cagayan which they are famous for. but Davao also has one! 😀


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