CamSur: Lago del Rey at CWC

Lago Del Rey
CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC)

I thought the wake boarding was already enough because we were pressed with time and I wanted to be able to finally ride the board on my feet. I didn't think I would enjoy it here in Lago del Rey but I did.

It was raining at that time and it's good thing that i bought a cheap waterproof case for my camera to take pictures on while we were, for the lack of a better word, playing.

The rates are really good and affordable that's why I would really to go back here someday. Travelling to these places really made my day and made me want to stay in Manila so I can visit other beautiful places in its neighboring regions. But then I should be careful what I wish for.

(Click to enlarge pictures)

biggs cwc cwc wristband 
With our wristbands

lago del rey lago del rey cwc
rates at Lao Del Rey. Summer Aquafest

cwc playground camsur playground 
posing, and getting ready

Had a blast at Lago Del Rey which is a giant playground of inflatable structures that made me feel like a kid again. It was tiring because of all the pulling from the cables when we tried wake boarding and we had to swim to each obstacle and pull ourselves up to those inflatables.

cwc inflatable cwc camsur
having fun and trying hard to pull ourselves up.

camsur iceberg water lake

camsur watersports lake camsur 
the place, an obstacle course on water!

I never had fun like this in a very long while. I felt like a kid, an active kid who couldn't stop releasing the energy to swim, climb, jump, and pull myself up.

iceberg iceberg camsur 
iceberg at Lago delRey!

cwc slide trampouline cwc 
slide and trampoline

see saw of some sort

aqua glide aqua glide cwc
it was raining that's why the foggy effect.

shuttle naga 
free shuttle at 7pm!

When it was time for us to go home, we also had a shuttle that would bring you to where you want to stay. It's nice because they brought us to SM again for dinner and the shuttle was free! haha. We went back to SM and then killed the time for our trip back to Manila.

Lago Del Rey Entrance – P120 per hour (don't wear anything that has a zipper or metal in your wardrobe as this will possibly damage the inflatables)

You can visit their site at for more information.


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Second Day: Spent P1500 for the boat trip plus the tour guide P500

Third Day: CWC and Lago Del Rey and going home

St. Michael Parish

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