My Interview with DZAR 1026 Sonshine Radio’s Byahe at Gimik

Last Friday, I guested in an hour-long discussion about travel and passion by DZAR 1026 Sonshine TV-Radyo’s Byahe @ Gimik with hosts Tonyo and Jamie.

Byahe at Gimik is a radio program that talks about anything travel. Every Friday, they usually have live guests onboard and several Philippine Travel Bloggers have already been to the show. I received the invite earlier this year, but I wasn’t available as I was still pursuing my backpacking adventure across Southeast Asia.

soloflighted radio interview
with Byahe@Gimik hosts Tony and Jamie

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I Call Myself a Travel Blogger, But…

Let me be honest here. I call myself a travel blogger as I own a travel blog. But there are number of things I don’t know about travelling and I’d like to set things straight just to show how amateurish I am about this passion in general. Sure, I’ve been to places and I’ve so many photos to prove how much of a tourist I am. But those are probably the only things I can be proud of as I have so much to learn. I call myself a Travel Blogger, but…

  • I don’t know my geography.

I can’t locate a country or region in a map to save myself. A friend laughed at me when I thought that La Union and Camarines Norte were near each other when they’re on totally different ends.

Met a fellow traveller during a trip to Thailand and he asked me which country I’m from. lost Traveller: Where are you from? Me: I’m from the Philippines. Traveller: That’s nice, I haven’t been there. Me: What about you? Traveller: Mauritius Island. Me: *I gave him a dumbfounded look* and with my big mouth, I had to ask – Where’s that?

If I had an online device, I’d turn away, Google it up and then get back to him to continue our conversation. I have difficulty locating destinations in a map that’s why I easily get lost which is a problem when it comes to budget.

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Random Updates

I realized I’ve been wrapped up in writing articles about my recent trips that I haven’t been able to provide updates about my life and the things that have been going on so far. This is still a personal blog and before I get caught up with writing a bunch of entries about my travels again, let me post a few random nothings – travel and non-travel related.

Money Play
Been playing with money the past couple of months – NO, I haven’t been wasting it. I’ve been looking for ways to  squeeze time in order to maximize the situation of funds and whatever’s left of it. This is not something I’d recommend to everyone because you’ll go crazy if you can’t keep up with your payables and receivables. Heck, I’m going nuts trying to figure out how I’m going to manage. But I still like to think I can.

Terra 60 Backpack

terra 60
Photo courtesy of Doi

As you might have noticed in some of my previous posts, I have a new back pack for travelling. It cost me an arm to get this despite the discounted rate. There was a sale on outdoor items and because I was so curious about the items being displayed, I had to drop by the place. I wondered why the hell I did. Now I’ve conformed to The North Face backpack. But I’m not complaining as I know this proves to be useful in my trips. Besides, the Deuter bag that I have cannot accommodate the things I bring during my long journeys. I still need to work on my packing skills though.

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triple 09

Yes, it was a coincidence that it had to fall on my day. Nothing grand happened but it was a nice thought that a number of people greeted me. I don’t really celebrate, “celebrate” birthdays but it’s something I know I need to work on.

23. Ouch. “What have you achieved?” –> what I wrote on my planner. Somehow, I can’t give a definite answer that can alter one’s perception in life. Shoot. I resolve to be more patient though; which is what I should also add to my list of things to do.

Anyway triple 09, 09/09/09. They made it a holiday just for me… not.

accomplished and will accomplish

My Goals for 2008 Camera Credit card Passport Personal Computer Update my school records I evaluated this list that I created last year. I seem to have achieved the goals I’ve set upon myself. These material things I never thought I could have but I’m very glad I was able to get them. Now I’m feeling … Read more

getting my fix, Happy New Year!

I don’t know if I’ve deprived myself from youth because of responsibility but this has been my fix at times when I want to have an excuse to make a fool out of myself; only this happened just recently. I’m a late bloomer so forgive me if I only discovered later the joys of not caring what you’re … Read more

September 09

Another day, another year. September 09. Sometimes I wonder if I’m jinxed but whenever this day comes, it doesn’t necessarily give me much excitement. To think that this is, after all, the day I was born. Maybe I’m just too shy to admit that I like this day. hehe. Still, I’m thankful for people who … Read more


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