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I realized I’ve been wrapped up in writing articles about my recent trips that I haven’t been able to provide updates about my life and the things that have been going on so far. This is still a personal blog and before I get caught up with writing a bunch of entries about my travels again, let me post a few random nothings – travel and non-travel related.

Money Play
Been playing with money the past couple of months – NO, I haven’t been wasting it. I’ve been looking for ways to  squeeze time in order to maximize the situation of funds and whatever’s left of it. This is not something I’d recommend to everyone because you’ll go crazy if you can’t keep up with your payables and receivables. Heck, I’m going nuts trying to figure out how I’m going to manage. But I still like to think I can.

Terra 60 Backpack

terra 60
Photo courtesy of Doi

As you might have noticed in some of my previous posts, I have a new back pack for travelling. It cost me an arm to get this despite the discounted rate. There was a sale on outdoor items and because I was so curious about the items being displayed, I had to drop by the place. I wondered why the hell I did. Now I’ve conformed to The North Face backpack. But I’m not complaining as I know this proves to be useful in my trips. Besides, the Deuter bag that I have cannot accommodate the things I bring during my long journeys. I still need to work on my packing skills though.

KLM Bag Tag
KLM bag tag
I received a bag tag I made online. This came from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. I got a link from my friend a month back, telling me that KLM was giving out free luggage tags that we could customize according to whatever picture we’d like to put in it. Took me a few minutes to finish and submit my request and I was surprised when I received it at the office. The free luggage tag is a bit flimsy but what the heck, it’s free!

Punching Bag
I became a human punch bag to friends who were in distress. I’m probably exaggerating things but true enough, they shared their stories and I served as a listener. It’s a nice feeling that they trusted me with the information they gave out. At least I was able to help out in some way – minus the physical abuse, of course.


sm event

Been attending blog events to promote products/services that were being launched. I’m happy that my blog still has a use somehow – no I’m not wallowing in pity (hehe). Really, this blog has taken me to places I never knew I could go to. I’m glad that I get to be part of media and in my own way, serve as a source of information.


I jogged and lifted weights for two days straight. Now my body’s all sore  because of having no physical activity in weeks. I need to get back to the gym. There’s something about sweating out the stress which makes me feel good about myself. I’ll probably renew my membership next month. I just wish there won’t be a lot of people around; I can concentrate more if I’m left on my own. Maybe I’ll just borrow an iPod to drown myself in music while working out.

PreNup Shoot


I may know how to take shots of landscapes and places but I’m a bit frustrated when it comes to capturing emotions. I still haven’t mastered the technical aspects in photography such as exposure, aperture, depth of field and such. That is why I’ve been questioning my capability. Someone requested that I take their prenuptial wedding photos which is a lot of pressure. I’m not entirely happy with the outcome of the pictures as I believe I could’ve done better and I can still do more. I wish they’re satisfied with it though.

Radisson Blu Hotel
radisson blu hotel

Spent a couple of nights at Radisson Blu Hotel which is located beside SM City Cebu. This hotel just opened recently and I’m glad to have experienced sleeping in a new place. It’s just ironic that when going to other destinations, I made sure that I would check in the cheapest hostel/guesthouse/inn possible. In this case, I stayed in a grand place when I’m living in the same city. Well, we got a huge discount so this wasn’t that much of a waste of moolah.

Malaysia Trip Blog

I should start writing my blog articles about Malaysia. I realized that there’s more to Kuala Lumpur than the Petronas Towers. Spent 4 days there and I’m going to come up with some helpful information about the travel. I still need to post one more entry during my trip in Hong Kong though. I better finish it fast.

So that’s probably it for now, my current life in snapshots. I’m still working in a call center and I’m still taking a few freelance jobs. Been really busy as I’ve always been. It’s almost Christmas already and I can’t wait to take a break.

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